Creating New Products

I’m not sure if you read last weeks blog, but if you didn’t you can check it out on the blog. We discussed that one of the ways to earn more money in your business is to create more products and services that your clients/customers are asking you for. I won’t go into detail about it, but I’m hoping that it made your idea buttons light up.

So today I wanted to chat with you about HOW to create these particular products, with specifics to digital products.


If you have been on social media for 5 minutes you have seen all the new life coaches, financial advisors, branding experts and business coaches advertisements. Now I am NOT making fun of them, because I am one of them, but I am here to make a point. These people have decided that they have something to offer people. They decided that 1. What they know they no longer wanted to give it away for free. 2. They have figured out a way to develop a business, build an audience and create products to sell to these individuals and THIS is what you need to do.

If you are a stay at home mom and lets just say you home school your children. You can create a digital consulting business and/or course on how to home school your kids without going to jail. (Meaning hurting your kids. LOL. I’m being funny, so please laugh at this.)

The average mom, dad, legal guardian has NO IDEA how to homeschool and will gladly pay someone to teach them so that they can skip a few steps. The challenge you maybe having is 1. Believing in yourself enough to do it 2. Having someone walk along side of you to help you build the business and 3. Carving out the time to actually build, launch and sell RIGHT?

Well, I’ve been chatting with you all about my Mentoring Course called Cultivate Develop Launch that invites you to walk with me for 60 days to Cultivate your business idea Develop products and services and then Launch the business for $597.

BUT because we are going into 3 years in business on September 1st, we decided to go with our 50% off sale from now until the end of September that course is now available to you at 50% off. Meaning you get to walk with me for 60 days for just $297. LIKE FOR REAL!!!!!

What does that mean?

Well that means for those of you that are in need of guidance in the areas of: Business Development, Product Creating, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Audience Developing and now BOOK LAUNCHING (Preorders for my book begin THIS FRIDAY), then this program is for you.

Now this is a LIVE program. That means I am teaching you live for 30 days, 90 minutes a week, homework and daily access inside of our private Facebook Group, walking you intentionally through YOUR business. Not telling everyone the SAME THING, but finding out what YOU need, where YOU are and helping YOU launch and generate more income from your business.

I already know that many of you are looking at the fact that September is coming and you STILL haven’t gotten to the place you said you were December 31st of last year, but so what! Start over today! LIKE FOR REAL!!

Also know this… because I know that many of you are working full time, this class takes place in the evenings AND we are a 2 pay or 3 pay payment plan to make sure you are ok.

To enroll CLICK HERE or send me a message with any of your questions.

Also – I would love to introduce you to some of my previous students incase you need to see if this has worked for anyone else. (I know what you’re thinking boo. LOL)

P.S. Be sure to jump on the waiting list for my new book Before You Quit Your Job