Creating with God

As a Christian entrepreneur I have at times found myself in a place where I am in need of strategic guidance for either myself of my clients and after reaching out to some business friends, I still didn’t have what I needed. Now this isn’t because my friends aren’t awesome, but I have learned that many times the only person that can help me is the one who not only created me, but also gave me the creative idea from the start.

I know it can seem kinda weird, praying to God asking for a business strategy, but I have come to learn that God wants to be involved in every aspect of my life, including in my business.

Have you ever wondered about the marketing strategy for the next 10 years and find yourself lost because there’s no way for you to come up with that without the help of some high-paid researcher? Yea, you and me both!

I’ve racked my brain with what about this, that or this just to always come up short in the end, but when I started turning to God things got very interesting!

I realized that God is bigger than anything or anyone I could talk to, including the researcher. I learned that he knows all the secrets of market trends, social media updates and whats new in the world of SEO, and all I needed to do was choose to Create with Him!

Now I know that sounds weird… but let me share something with you.

Lately, I have been going to God about clients that I am working with, asking him what should they focus on, how to help them and what is potentially holding them back from the success that they desire. You know what… every single time I ask, I not only get the answer, but when I share it with the client they are in SHOCK!


Because there is absolutely no way I could’ve known what I told them, but it was exactly what they needed to hear for their lives and their business endeavors.

I wanna invite you to watch this training I did on FACEBOOK it’ll really bless you.