Season 3 EP: 40 – Dating a non-believer

What if the person you’re dating doesn’t share your spiritual beliefs? 
Is it possible to build a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with someone who’s not on the same faith journey as you? 
Today, we are diving headfirst into a thought-provoking discussion about the complexities of dating someone who doesn’t follow the same religious path as you.

Join me as I share personal stories and experiences about why it’s essential to find a partner who’ll support you in your moments of strength and weakness and walk with you on your spiritual journey. 
We’ll explore the difficulties and tensions that can arise from being unequally yoked and discuss why it’s better to wait for someone who shares your beliefs, no matter how challenging that may seem. 
As someone who truly believes that God provides, I hope this episode challenges and stretches your faith, inspiring you to seek a partner who aligns with your spiritual values.

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