#155 How we made $100,000 in 12 Days

You’re not going to want to miss the candid launch debrief that Keenya is dishing out on the podcast today.


She is sharing exactly how she managed to earn $100,000 from her challenge and digital course in just 12 days. 


And in true Keenya fashion, she’s not holding back or sugar coating the hard work that goes into having a profitable course launch. In this episode, she’s giving you a real look at: 


  • Lessons she’s learned from launching time and time again 

  • Metrics she tracks and how she debriefs after each launch 

  • The marketing medium that generated the most sales for her this go round 


She’s also sharing her best tips for not only filling your digital course and turning a profit in a short period of time but also how to keep your customers coming back for more for years to come. 

Connect with Keenya:

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