Season 3 EP: 46 – Do you trust God?

Put yourself in the shoes of a tightrope walker. The rope lies high above the ground, there’s a gulf beneath you, and all you have is trust—trust in your balance, trust in your skill, and ultimately, trust in the rope. 
Now, replace the rope with God. 
Are you ready to walk? 
In this gripping conversation, we’re tackling trust in God head-on, sharing our personal tales of faith, and the highs and lows of our spiritual journey. We’ll grapple with the hard questions, like how and why we trust God in life’s twists and turns, and what it really means to believe in His truth and fidelity, even when the road gets rocky. 

Ever played tug-of-war? 
Imagine that struggle with God instead, where on one end is our human desire for control, and on the other is divine providence. It’s a challenging game, but one we’re ready to discuss in our episode. We’ll reveal our own moments of questioning God’s presence in trials, our struggles with letting go, and the eventual realization of His higher plan. 
All of this combined with anecdotes of our learnings from the times when we, quite literally, learned the hard way, this episode is sure to keep you on your toes.
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Understanding your spiritual gifts is definitely one of the foundational things that every single Christian needs to know. 

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