Season 3 EP: 37 – Does Jesus Still Heal

Could you imagine witnessing an instant healing of a throbbing headache with nothing but faith and prayer? 
I was there, with my hands on a woman’s head, uttering prayers for her relief, and in an overwhelming moment, her pain was gone. 

This was a bona fide reminder, a lesson from the universe, that Jesus still heals, and I have been chosen to become a conduit for that divine power. 

As we kick off this episode, I invite you to embark on a thought-provoking journey.

 Let’s delve deep into the heart of faith, healing, and the omnipotence of God. 

We’ll also recollect a profoundly personal and transformative event when my ailing grandmother experienced a miraculous improvement in her health. 

I saw Jesus breathing life back into her, rekindling my faith, and instilling in me an unshakeable belief in His power. 

No doubt, these miraculous moments spark countless questions and doubts. Why do some people get healed while others don’t? 

What are the prerequisites for divine healing? 

Does God still heal today? 

Let’s dive in, share stories, analyze doubts, and find the answers, reminding ourselves in the process that God is still active, still working, and indeed, still healing. 

If you felt empowered by this episode, take a screenshot for your stories and tag Keenya on Instagram @keenyakelly. 

I would be honored to hear your takeaways and re-post your share!

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