Don’t Rush To Quit Your Job

It’s Monday, and I know you may be going through the blues of, OMG I can’t believe that I have to be here today. But there’s something about paying your bills on  time that caused you to get up and get to work right? LOL

I’ll just say this to you; even though I work from home, I turned off my alarm and had the exact same feeling. I’m a full-time entrepreneur working from home, but I still sometimes have the Sunday blues and the Monday morning woes. Why?

I still have to get up and work.

I contemplated taking my entire life’s savings and playing the Powerball, hoping to strike it big, or saying yes to the man in my building that seems to have a lot of money and keeps trying to date me.


I lied, I would NEVER date a man just because he has money, but don’t get me wrong, it crossed my mind once when I was having hard times. LOL (Seriously I’m just kidding, don’t start sending me FB messages praying for me.) LOL

The point I am making is that many times we are in such a rush to get away from our jobs, because we think of the “glamorous” life of working from home, but it really looks like working a job, except we work much longer hours, deal with a lot more stress than you do because if the money doesn’t come in, WE ARE HOMELESS.

Take a look at my video from today. I shared some more details about it.

I hope this helps your Monday Woe’s