Do we need another Revival?

I’m pretty sure when I say this I’m gonna get a bunch of flack. 

But one of the good things about this is that like, it’s not like a million people are reading this article but I said, “since this is my blog, I wanna talk about it”. 

When I thought about this topic I felt like I had been thinking about this for a really, really long time.

And I think that because of what’s happening in Kentucky at Ashburg College and with everybody talking about the move of God that is happening there.

It just kind of moved me. 

And I said, “well, let’s talk about it”. 

So we’re talking about whether we need another revival. 

Let me explain why I chose that topic or that phrase. 

I have been a Christian pretty much my whole life, and I think that I didn’t really start hearing people talk about the word revival until I left the black church.

First of all, what do you mean by I left the black church

For most of my life, I attended predominantly black churches,  

Just all black.

 And then a few years back, God asked me to go to this other church and when I started going to this other church, it was more multiracial and I was like, “okay, this is awesome”.

And I got filled with the Holy Spirit at the other church and they started really operating in the gifts and learning about all the things on the inside of me and just experiencing the Holy Spirit and all this stuff.

I think what started to happen was I started running in different circles where people were talking about God and the moves of God, like God moving on just like an outpouring. 

It’s kind of like, it’s one thing to sprinkle rain.

Rain is sprinkling a little bit here, a little bit there.

But then if something happens, it’s just like a downpour and it’s just a downpour for days, weeks, months, and it never stops. 

One of the things that I started to experience when I started going to more multiracial churches, is people started talking about the moves of God, the outpourings of God.

Where it’s like, “you may experience this in a service one time, or this over here a couple of months ago, or when a special conference is happening or whatever, versus just like this massive thing that is happening and it just continues to happen and it’s not stopping”.

And so when I started running in the more multicultural circles, I started hearing about the word revival and then I started hearing about something called the Jesus People Movement. 

I started hearing about Toronto Outpouring or what happened in Toronto, Canada at one point like this big God just manifested Himself in a way that was so powerful that so many people got radically changed, and when they went back to wherever they came from, that people, “it’s kind of played it”. 

Let me give a movie example to explain more. 

Let’s just say you got the glow. You just have the thing and it’s on you, and at first, you didn’t have it and then God touches you and now you got this thing and everywhere you go it’s touching everybody. 

It’s like changing everybody into this thing.

So that’s kind of how I would try to explain it. 

That kind of was what happened with the Toronto Outpouring and some of the others.

Since I’ve been in these circles and once I started going to ministry school, five, or six years ago, I kept hearing everybody talk about praying for revival. 

“We’re praying for revival and the revival’s coming. Revival’s here, the revival’s here!” 

And I’m just like, “What are they talking about Revivals?”

I’m just gonna tell you what I get on Google when I type the word revival.

Google results:

“Sanford students unite and unscripted revival.” 

“Kentucky Asbury University ‘revival’ going viral on TikTok.”

Let’s see if there’s anything else. 

What is the biblical meaning of the word revival? 

Google result – “The word revival literally means renewal or awakening. It is impossible to restore something that never existed.”

What is an example of revival? 

Google result – “We usually use it to mean “returned to glory, importance, or strengths” Fresh paint and new flowerbeds might mean your neighborhood is experiencing a revival.”

How does spiritual revival happen?

Google result – “Revival happens when God’s people are prepared. It happens when we are ready for it with tender hearts and humble spirits. We can’t orchestrate widespread far-reaching revivals, that’s God’s work. Revival often begins with people coming under deep conviction and crying out in confession and repentance for their sins.” 

So now let’s talk about that.

When we are reading the word revival, it’s when God just starts to pour Himself out in a way that it just can’t be contained or whatever.

I’ve been in a lot of circles where you have people of all races, and all ages, believing in declaring for revival. 

Revival, revival, revival!

If I gotta be honest, I’m so annoyed. 

The word revival bothers me so much and it doesn’t bother me in terms of the Bible.

It bothers me in terms of how we are, with it and using it as Christians.

I’m not saying it’s all of us or whatever. 

I’m just being honest, this is my blog!

One of the things that I am experiencing is not everybody, by any means, but one of the things that I’m experiencing is we are…

Okay. I pulled out a pen and try to give some examples. 

Here is us. And I’m holding a black pen on the left-hand side.

And this is us. This is us here on earth. 

We have our jobs, we have our businesses, we have our lives, and we’re doing whatever we’re doing every single day. 

Here is us in white pen, us with Jesus, us with a church, when we’re at our prayer services.

And in the pink one, this is everybody else that is not Christian or whatever.

One of the things that I think is happening with a lot of us, some of us are, there is a part…

Okay, so let’s just say in black pen, and I’m not trying to be funny with it, but let’s just say in black pen, we are Christian, but we’re not really walking the walk. 

We may go to church on Sundays, but we are…

“I’m about to convict some people.”

We may go to church on Sundays, but we are, we’re sleeping with our partners, we are masturbating, we are watching porn, we’re drinking alcohol, we’re getting tipsy, we’re smoking weed, we’re cursing, we’re whatever!

All this over here in the black pen but we’re Christians.

Then you got us in the white pen. We are not smoking, we’re not drinking, we’re going to church, or whatever. 

There’s another part of us too, but I don’t have four pencils.  

And then this person in white pen doesn’t know how to operate like doesn’t really know how to function. 

Like, I’m just so heavenly I’m going to heaven. Jesus is coming to heaven! Hope our revival comes! Revival comes! 

But you don’t really know how to live life

You don’t know how to live life on your job without being a weird, spooky Christian saying all are going to hell if whatever. 

Now, then we have, let’s just say we have a Candy Cane here. We’ll just say this is the other person. 

This person is a Christian. They have Jesus. They know Jesus.

They know how to operate their lives without being spooky. 

So that’s the third Christian. 

And then we have the rest of the people, which is the world. 

Which is the pink pencil. 

When I think about what does revival look like?

To me, revival looks like…

This Candy Cane. 

This candy cane that knows Jesus, that loves Jesus, is trying their best to walk in purity, not masturbating, not watching porn, not having sex.

Just trying their best to just walk this walk. 

They’re not perfect, but they’re walking it and they’re walking it with God. 

They’re operating in their lives, their work, their business, and they’re going to church, their ministry. 

They’re just, they’re walking the walk, not perfectly, but they’re walking it 

And they’re walking it so well that people of the world are so drawn to them.

People that you would never even imagine that they can hang out with or are hanging out with are so drawn to them. 

If revival looked like anything or revival is going to come, in my opinion, I’m like, “I think it’s gonna come when you get people that are like the candy cane who is like, Jesus come, Jesus come and I will be Jesus on Earth to people.”

I will live my life in a way. I will love people in a way. I will draw people to me so I can draw them to Him. 

I feel like that is what we should be going for. 

Everybody’s going after whatever it is they’re going after. 

But I’m like, what do I think about what God wants? 

Like the Bible says that He’s gonna come for a church without spot or wrinkle.

So what does that mean? 

That means we’re all spotty. We’re all wrinkly. And we all need each other. 

We’d all need to be walking the walk together. 

I had somebody years ago who inboxed me cause they were so confused that I was a friend with a person who is a Christian but believes in gay marriage.

And I was just like, “I’m sorry, what?” 

“I unfollowed them!” 

How can you be associated with it? 

And I was just like, “I’m pretty sure Jesus was associated with everybody”. 

Just because they are doing whatever, or believe in whatever, does that mean I can’t love them? 

And like, “what do you mean?”

“What are you talking about?” 

This person is trying to be one of those so heavenly-minded, that they’re no earthly good. 

They’re like, they got Jesus and all that, but it’s like, “Who are you helping?”

Yeah, you can call the church. We can call revival fire and fall down on me. 

But do you really need the fire to be on you or do you want the fire to be on everybody?

Do you want the glory and the power and the anointing and all that to be on everybody?

I’m very passionate about this and I can feel the Holy Spirit very strongly on this with me, I get so annoyed every time people say, revival, revival, revival!

And it’s like, “what about you?”

“What’s going on with you in your relationship with Jesus?”

Do you know Jesus? 

How close are y’all? Are y’all real? Are you talking to Him? Are you honest with Him? Are you raw and real and uncut? 

And tell Him how you really feel, how mad you are at Him. 

You know what? 

What is going on with that? With us?

This is one of my rawest episodes besides when I talked about divorce years ago. 

But I really am annoyed by it. 

I’m annoyed by just a revival.

I’m very happy with what’s happening at Asbury University. 

I’m happy that it’s happening there but I’m reminded that He’s doing something there, but He’s also doing something here if we will let Him.

Every time I do a group training class or something, it’s an opportunity for me to say something. 

What was it yesterday? 

I was teaching on TikTok live for business. 

And when I started teaching, I said something and then I stopped mid-sentence and said, “did I just say people need to get delivered and da da da da.”

And I start laughing uncontrollably with so many people watching and then I just start saying it again. 

Yeah, y’all gonna come to me and I’m gonna help you get your money right and get Jesus and get delivered. 

And I just kept saying it and laughing and having a good time with it, you know? 

And every single time I host these big workshops with hundreds of people, I’m always prophesying, right?

I may not say it to the Lord, but I’m prophesying. 

I’m calling people out of things, calling people into things. 

I get to have a massive impact on people. 

If I’m walking with Jesus every single day and walking with people, walking with Jesus every single day, me, and then walking with people versus just waiting for revival.

So, I don’t even know how to end this episode, but this is, this is my frustration with us as the church. 

We’re like, all the way over here that we don’t wanna be tainted by other people. 

And I’m just like, “what is wrong with us?” 

When did we become like that? 

That is all I got from this episode. I’m curious because I’m so passionate about this.

Tell me what you think about this. I’m curious. Again, I am all about the moves of the spirit, the moves of God. 

I’m all about it, but I feel we gotta be more focused on our relationship with Jesus and making sure we’re doing our part and then going out and getting the other people more about that and less about the fire. 

And I hope you enjoyed this article.

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