Email Marketing Is Alive

Jumping into 2020 I decided to do a 7 Day Email Challenge! Why? Social media is a great place to meet people, but it’s not a perfect place and advertising can be very costly.

Recently, my instagram went down for two whole weeks. I couldn’t write anything, like or comment and the links in my Bio were not working effectively. It was such a frustrating process, but because majority of my audience is on my email list, I was still able to communicate with them.

I know that you may be feeling like emails are annoying and that its a dying place for marketing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Recently, while I was promoting my email challenge, I sent an email out to over 2000 subscribers… guess what? Only 3 people hit unsubscribe! THREE.

During the challenge I asked who learned about the challenge from the email and many of those that were watching shared that they were made away by the email I sent out.

Yes, email can be annoying, but when you are building a business, you need to have a way to communicate directly with your customers and if you are soley depending on social media, you’ve unfortunately got it wrong.

Facebook and Instagram are owned by a company… NOT YOU! So at any point in time they could shut down your page and you lose everything, but NOT if you build your audience on social and pull them onto your email list.

Today is the final day of our email challenge, and its free so you should come join us!!!!

Here is a link from day 1.