Entrepreneurship Requires Resilience

I Love being an entrepreneur, but I also kinda sorta hate it!!

Ya feel me? LOL

Entrepreneurship is amazing in a way that I get to fully operate in my artistic expression each day, helping others build the businesses of their dreams. I get to wake up each day and work from the comfort of my own home, look cute only from the waste up AND from time to time take off during the middle of the week without having to ask for permission… SORTA LOL.


When you are first starting our as an entrepreneur, you have to be RESILIENT.

Resilient: The ability to able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

….and when they say difficult conditions, they MEAN IT!

When you first start out (this could last for 5 years), you are going to fight to build your business, grow as a CEO and eventually hire individuals that are just as passionate as you are about building your business with the level of excellence you desire.

You are going to have many false starts and at times realize just has unrealistic your expectations are, especially in the digital space. You will experience days, weeks and months where you will earn ZERO income, but you are going to have to FIGHT to build your business.

Many of us have worked multiple jobs to not only pay our bills, but to have working capital to funnel into our businesses.

You are going to have to work your TAIL OFF, but don’t be discouraged.

Every entrepreneur that you look up to, went through the exact same journey. Now some roads were easier than others, but EVERYONE has had to endure their level of needing to be resilient.

If you aren’t where you want to be or thought you were, don’t feel bad, just keep going.

I look back at the first business I ever started which was selling candy in elementary school. I made a lot and spent even more. #BUSINESSFAIL

I went on to do the same things in my adult life…#BUSINESSFAIL, BUT instead of beating myself up, I put on my army boots, strap up and get back to work… and cry a whole lot of prayer for help!! LOL

You CAN do this…….

I promise you can.