EP: 195 Chipotle & TikTok – The New Menu Item

Chipotle has a brand new menu item that’s coming, and it’s all because of TikTok!

I’m really, really excited about it and so on this blog, we’re gonna talk about it.

There’s so much happening in the TikTok world, especially for businesses.

If you are not creating content on the TikTok platform, what are you doing? 

What are you waiting for? 

I’m always talking to you about marketing your business on TikTok.

Hopefully, you’re not playing!

But if you are playing, please stop playing. 

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Moving on, we’re talking about Chipotle on TikTok, whether you love Chipotle or not.

If you don’t love Chipotle, I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna make it to heaven.

I’m pretty sure Jesus is in heaven ordering Himself a bowl with brown rice and fajitas and chicken, and He’s asking for extra guac. 

I am convinced that Jesus is a Chipotle fan. 

So we all know Chipotle and a lot of us love Chipotle.

A lot of times we don’t really see Chipotle advertising on TV or anything like that. 

And I can’t say that Chipotle advertises a whole lot on TikTok, but they do spend time advertising on TikTok. 

Today we’re not talking about Chipotle advertising on TikTok. 

We are talking about what has happened with Chipotle because of TikTok and something that’s gonna happen in the month of March.

And so here’s what happens. 

There’s a guy on TikTok that everybody is obsessed with, me included, and his name is Keith Lee. 

He is a food critic in Vegas where he goes around to restaurants and he reviews food.

Lately, he’s been going around to struggling restaurants, reviewing their foods and helping them with the marketing push because his videos are getting millions and millions of views on them.

And then restaurants are being blown away by the traffic that they’re getting because of Keith. 

They learned about this thing from somebody on TikTok, her name is Alexis, that she started going to Chipotle and asking for and so then she told him about it and they decided to go to Chipotle.

He went to Chipotle, ordered the item and he came back and reviewed it and he was hooked. 

And those of us that watched Keith, we were all like, I’m going to Chipotle!

I don’t eat steak because my blood does not like red meat so I can’t do steak.

And then my body is like, Ma’am, push back on the dairy.

So I did not do it even though I really, really, wanna do it but I didn’t do it.

And so, everybody is running to Chipotle to get this. 

So Steak, Quesadillas with fajitas, and then you take their sour cream and their dressing. It’s like some kind of vinaigrette dressing.

You mix the sour cream and the vinegarette into one container, and then you dip the quesadilla. 

What has happened is that once, of course, Keith goes super viral, then the world is running to Chipotle. 

And so Keith decided to get with Alexis and they went to Chipotle together. 

But guess what?

Of course, Chipotle got wind of who in the world was doing what?

And now there’s a brand new menu item that is coming to Chipotle in the month of March. 

This is not an item that is on Chipotle’s menu, but because of the power of TikTok and millions of people seeing her videos and then the millions and millions seeing his video. 

And they’re all running to Chipotle.

And what does that mean for those content creators? 

They ought to be paid. 


All that’s going down for them!

Can you imagine if that was you and you had people on TikTok talking about your product and your service? 

That is huge.

So think about it, when was the last time you’ve gone to a restaurant and you said, can you give me a cheeseburger, but take off this and add this and add this? 

And they’re like, what? It’s not even something on the menu, but you order it and you love it. 

But can you imagine if you did that on TikTok and then now that brand is starting to pay you for it?

What ??

It reminds me of Jared from Subway, even though we all know he’s in prison now.

But Jared was the one who lost all that weight eating Subway. 

He became the spokesperson, the poster boy, the poster child for Subway. 

It became a thing for him. 

And so the same thing with a little boy with the corn.

So when I thought about this episode I wanted you to know about the power of the TikTok platform. 

That you are a business. 

You probably sell a service, you’re a coach or consultant, and you sell a physical product.

Creating content on the TikTok platform and inviting people that are already on TikTok to talk about your product or service is a huge thing that you can do for your business. 

And if Chipotle is willing to create a brand new item, then that means there is a significant amount of people that have and are requesting that item on a regular basis. 

Because brands don’t just change their entire menu for a creator. 

No, no, no. 

They do it because something magnificent, something humongous has happened. 

This is a very short episode, but I really wanted you to hear about someone who’s having crazy success on TikTok, which is Chipotle.

And so for you, if you are saying to yourself, I’m gonna use 2023 and I’m gonna use TikTok to grow my business

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