Season 3 EP: 51 – Growing in your prayer life

Ever felt like your relationship with God is confined to the four walls of the church? Or perhaps you’ve struggled with making prayer a heartfelt dialogue, rather than a one-sided monologue. I’ve been there too. 
My journey towards a more intimate prayer life and a deeper relationship with God outside of church has been transformative, and I’m excited to share it with you. Together, we’ll explore how we can make our prayers more personal, acknowledge the presence of God in our daily lives, and open up our hearts to Him.

In the crucible of life’s challenges, I’ve found solace and strength in the presence of God. This relationship with Him is not just about asking for things but about seeking comfort, guidance, and a deeper understanding of His plans for us. I want to share this experience with you and invite you to be a part of it.  This is about far more than religion – it’s about nurturing a relationship with God that brings peace, purpose, and passion into our lives.

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Understanding your spiritual gifts is definitely one of the foundational things that every single Christian needs to know

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