Hearing God Pt 5: Feelings: Electricity, Heat & Wind

We are on a series of 10 ways to be able to hear God. 

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This one is a little bit deeper. 

Everything that I’m gonna share is my own personal experience of how I’ve been hearing God and the journey I’ve been on to try to figure out what in the world is going on. 

There are all ways you can hear God, but the number five way you can hear God is through FEELINGS.

Now, what do I mean when I say that? 

A few years ago, back in 2008, I got filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Honestly, I thought that people speaking in tongues were insane. 

I was like, “is this a cult? What is going on?” 

And so I stayed at the church anyway, and eventually, I realized that speaking in tongues is actually biblical. 

And so I got filled with this with speaking in tongues and I started having these experiences that I didn’t really understand what was going on. 

And so a couple of years later ended up switching churches and that church actually kind of started teaching me what was going on with me. 

Here’s what started to happen.

So I started having these moments where I would feel the wind on my hands. 

My hands would be down, I’d be praying or whatever, and I could just feel the wind kind of blowing by me. 

And I would look up at the AC like, where is this air coming from? 

And it was coming from below and I was looking under my chair for a vent. 

And at the time I was married and I would ask my ex-husband, are you feeling that? 

And he goes, No. I’m like, you don’t feel that?

And he’s like, you would get so irritated. And he would say no. 

I feel the wind. 

And then other times I would feel the heat on my hands and I’m like, why do I feel the heat?

I felt like I’m Benny’s hand. 

I got the glow. 

You know, Benny’s hand where he would like to blow into the mic. 

And then people would pass out or he would take his jacket and he would toss it with people and people would fall out.

There’s a video of Benny Hand, he got the mic and he just says “something” and then the whole congregation falls out. 

That’s how I started to feel. 

Now, ain’t nobody fell out like. 

I can’t say anybody, one person had an experience, but it was all Jesus. 

It wasn’t me. 

I was there and I was participating, but he was the one that did it.But I’ve never had Benny hand experience and so I started feeling like heat on my hands and I was like, “what is happening?”

It really wasn’t until then I started feeling electric shocks and I’m like, why do I feel electric shocks? 

What is going on? Is there a surge, or is there an earthquake?

Why do I feel this? 

And when I moved to Houston, I found a church. 

I always call it “the weird churches. 

And they’re weird because they’re just different. 

And they’re different because they’re operating in the supernatural.

The way that a lot of big churches just aren’t doing. 

And so when I found this church, they had a school which was called Victory School of Supernatural Ministry, which was a plant of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding. 

And so my first year of being there, they started talking about all of this stuff and I was like, finally, I don’t feel crazy.

And as a result, I started realizing that this is God actually showing up.

I still don’t really know why the wind has shown up yet, but I started to feel like, I think that there are angels by.

Because if there’s an angel in their wings, I could see why the wind would come.

But I don’t know the answer to that.

Here’s what I started to learn when God shows up in a church service or anywhere that I am and I start feeling the electricity, it was God, he’s talking. 

He’s saying something and I need to be sensitive to hear what he is saying at this moment. 

Here’s a warning. 

So potentially as I talk about this, I want you to pay close attention.

If I start saying things and the Holy Spirit starts showing up to confirm it, what you’ll experience is, I call it a twitch. 

And so sometimes it’s like a full body twitch where you’ll see me do something.

Other times it’s just a twitch where you’ll just see it happen in my eye, you see me move a little bit. 

That’s like the way that we look at it is that when God shows up, we should not be able to contain him coz it’s God. 

And so that’s why sometimes I will have these moments because he’s showing up very still kind of foreign. 

But I’m just telling you, just in case.

What I started to realize is that when God starts to show up.

Oftentimes, if I’m talking to somebody or if I’m teaching something, and if he wants to say something at that moment or if he is actually saying something, it seems like it’s me saying it, but it’s actually him saying it through me. 

I will feel the electricity, like right now.

I will start feeling like it’s Him and that’s an indication to me, “Keep going”.

I’m in the right direction.

I’m like, I’m saying the right thing. 

This is the moment right now. 

It’s like, “this is it, stay, stay there”. 

And so like one time, I was teaching a live class to my TikTok people.

And as I was teaching, I could feel the Holy Spirit and I’m just teaching TikTok. 

It’s just getting stronger and stronger and I’m not able to contain it.

And so finally I just said, what is going on? 

“God is trying to say something”. 

“You guys, hang on, let’s see what He’s trying to say”. 

I was like, is that for anybody? 

And then so many people in the chat were like, “oh my God, you’re talking to me”.

But it’s like, I’m feeling this build-up, this thing that is happening. 

I’ve had times when I’ve been in church just worshiping and I just feel the Holy Spirit. 

Sometimes it happens in my right hand, my hand will start twitching and I can’t control it. 

It’ll be like, “do these things and I’m trying to control it”.

And it’s just like sometimes I don’t really know what He wants to do at that moment. 

I think it’s just like He’s just showing up and my hand is experiencing it the most. 

It’s like moving.

And so prior to that, my hand is moving and it’s like heat and whatever, and all the things. 

And so then my church, they call out for that if someone needs prayer. 

Prayer for healing, raise your hand.

And so then I go over to this girl and as soon as I go over to her and I touch her, she goes, “you have hot hands.” 

And I’m like, “oh, she can feel that too.” 

And so then I just pray for her, and I don’t know if she gets healed or what have you, coz I’m just doing what God’s invited me to do.

But feeling that heat, I’m learning that God is talking to me about there’s healing that’s present in the room and that He is in the room.

And so I’m learning and I’m growing, but I go and just pray for people if this opportunity presents itself. 

Like if a pastor is preaching, I don’t just get up and go like, touch Mighty pray for them out of order.

But if they invite us to pray for each other, then I will do that. 

Otherwise, I will just lay my hands on myself. 

Cause there are areas of my body where I need healing, or I may say I just release healing into the atmosphere, whatever, and things of that nature.

And so that’s kind of what happens to me as it pertains to feelings.

And then sometimes, when I’m in prayer, I’m asking God certain questions. 

What I’ve started to learn over the years is that when I’m asking a question and I feel nothing, I’m learning that for me, it means no. 

And if I feel like this electricity, like this thing that happened to me, then I feel that’s a yes.

That God’s like, yes, go with that. 

Stay on that.

And I’m learning that in certain situations. 

He’s like, don’t do anything. Just nothing. 

Other times he’s just like, talk to Me or pray for Me. 

Like I went to lunch with a friend today and we were talking about a particular situation and I was just kinda like, we were just talking and I just pulled the Holy Spirit saying, stay right there.

Stay right there. 

And we just stayed right there. 

And I just said, “Hey, I think we’re supposed to ask God about how to navigate the situation with this determined person”.

What are we supposed to do in this situation? 

I just felt like God was just telling me, yes, that’s what I want you to do. 

Seek me so I can give you some wisdom on what it is that I wanna do in that situation or for that particular person or what have you.

And so that’s just kind of how I’ve learned.

How to navigate God with feelings. 

Now again, I’m learning, I’m growing so it’s like the wind, the heat, the air, the electricity, all these things.

It’s supernatural. It’s God. 

All these things are in the Bible, and then we get to seek them out because the scripture talks about that in:

Proverb 25:2 – “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter”

So it’s like, here are all these things that are in the Bible that we are all getting opportunity, experience, or we hear about other people’s experience and we get the opportunity to seek it out. 

We all get the opportunity to seek it out.

And so if you wanna hear God, it’s so important for you to seek it, to search it, and to seek it with him. 

You can ask people about all the things we talked about in a previous episode, but it’s more important that you seek it out with Him. 

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