Hearing God Pt 6: Your thoughts

I am so excited that we are still on our topic of hearing God, this is actually part six, and so if you think the last five were good, this is just gonna keep getting better!

We are in this 10-part series as we talk about Hearing God here in the New Year of 2023.

In this blog, one of the ways you will be hearing God is through your “Thoughts”.

Isaiah 55: 8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, my ways” declares the Lord, As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than yours and my thoughts than your thoughts”. 

It’s really important to know something. 

Here is how the Bible talks about God saying that what I think is not what you think. And what you think or what have you. 

And so a lot of times we will say, if our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, then how can we hear God through our thoughts?

So here’s the deal.

One of the things that I have learned about God and my relationship with God is the closer we get to God, the more we become like God. 

The closer we get to God, the more time we spend with him. The more intimate our relationship becomes, the more we’re obedient and we just learn to operate with God and flow with him.

Then what we tend to do and think and want to do and all that is starting to change. 

For example, before you really knew God, Christianity, or whatever, if you wanted to engage in intimacy with someone of the opposite sex, you would if you wanted to, right? 

But once you become a Christian and you get into an intimate relationship with God, your desire is like, Yes, you may still want to engage in intimacy with someone. But because you love Him so much, you’re like, “But I don’t wanna do that outside of the way that God wants me to do that”

Because your ways and your thoughts and your desires are now what His are. 

When we talk about hearing God through your thoughts, this is in the sense of once you start on this journey of obedience, of wanting to be with Him, the way that He is and how he is and navigate and all that type of stuff with Him.

So, I’ll give you an example. 

So I remember years ago, I used to have a relaxer in my hair, meaning I put a chemical in my hair to make it straight, and I did that my whole life. 

One day I got filled with the Holy Spirit and I started to develop this close, personal, intimate relationship with God. 

And all of a sudden I had this desire to wanna see what my hair looked like curly.

I have never had the desired day in my life, but suddenly I had this desire. 

I wanted to start seeing my hair, what it looked like, curly. 

And then I scheduled a time and a friend of mine cut it all off. 

And I think about that now and even back then like, what in the world was going on? 

I was having an inward change and it was manifesting outwardly.

I then wanted to be, I wanted to see myself in a way that I hadn’t seen myself.

And so I’m not saying that God wanted me to be bald headed or anything like that, but what I am saying was that something was happening with me.

And so as a result, when I went down that road, that’s what kicked in my creativity.

How I started my first business, Return of the curl, where I had this big natural hair show and I did all the different things with that hair care business, which then launched me into video marketing, live streaming, teaching, coaching, and where I am today.

Like, y’all see me talking and teaching today because I started going on this journey with God. 

Well, I remember, I think it was two years ago or so, I had this thought, Hey, you owe your dad $1,800.

Write him a check.

I don’t have desires like that. 

$1,800. Do you know what I could do with $1,800? 

And so, those aren’t my thoughts. 

I was, God was God coming into my thoughts saying, “Hey, you owe your Dad 1800. You should honor that and send him the money”

Or when God told me to write a letter to my ex-husband, apologizing to him not because I didn’t cause a divorce to end, the relationship to end, but because of just other stuff he wanted me to apologize for. 

Those are not my thoughts. 

I know but because I started developing this close personal relationship with God, my desires, and my thoughts became His thoughts.

So what started to happen is, I started thinking the way that He thinks because now we are close and we just think the same way. 

So when me and my best friend, when we’re single, we talk about men and all that type of stuff. 

We have the same type of thoughts because we have been close for so long.

And so one of the ways you can hear from God when you’re praying is you start hearing him tell you this and then this, and then this. 

And one of the ways to know that thought was his and not yours. 

It’s to ask yourself this question. 

If it’s gonna take you closer to God, then it’s godly. It’s not the devil. 

If it’s gonna take you away from God, then that’s the devil.

But also, once you know, okay, this is not the devil. 

This is me or God. 

Then ask yourself this question. 

When you hear this answer, is this a normal, natural thing that you would do? 

Like, is this just a normal, natural thing that you would do? That you would say? That you would think? 

If it is not, then there is a high possibility that what you’re hearing is God. 

I’m not saying it’s always that way, but really ask yourself that question of like, I’m asking God this and I’m this, this, and this, and yada, yada, yada, whatever. 

Ask yourself the question typically, “if I was answering this, what would be my typical response?” 

And if your response is not typically what you’re hearing, then oftentimes that you’re hearing God. 

Now you still wanna make sure that you try it and you ask him for more confirmations just don’t always go on because it’s opposite what you normally would think or whatever.

But it is an opportunity to go, “maybe that’s a thought that has come from God.

If I’m making a really big decision or something, I won’t just go on that literal thought. 

I will go, okay, I heard that. 

I’m noting that I’m gonna continue praying and I’m gonna ask God for some additional confirmations because I wanna make sure that I’m thinking the right thing, and I’m making the right choice or whatever, 

But God does come into your thoughts and just remember the closer you get to a person, God included, the more you begin to think like them, the more you begin to act like them, speak like them, all those types of things.

And so that’s one of the ways that you are able to hear God.

Again, this is episode six of our 10-part series. I hope you’re enjoying it so far. 

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