Hearing God Pt 1: Take classes & Read Book

It is New Year! 

Happy 2023! And I’m so excited to share that we are doing something different here in 2023. 

One of the things we’re doing is we are kicking this off with a series. 

There are 10 articles in this series. But if you’re on the podcast, we have kicked these out all 10 all at one time.

So during this series, I’m gonna talk about a lot of different things. 

Some of them are going to be basics like reading the Bible. Others are gonna be all other types of things that I experience, when I am hearing God. 

But today we are kicking this off with reading books and going to classes.

So one of the things that I used to deal with the way that I thought about things was that, There’s God and God created me.

And He created the whole world. 

And in the Bible, all the things are there. You got from Adam to Jesus. From Genesis to Revelations. 

And so my thinking was that if there’s something that I need to know, then it’s all gonna be literally in the Bible. 

I can just read it and get exactly what I need from the Bible. 

But here’s what I started to learn. What I started to learn was that that’s not necessarily the case.

There are things written in the Bible for me, but also, there are people that have spent lots of time with God. 

They’ve just been on this earth a lot longer than me, and they’ve had a relationship with Him a lot longer than me, and they have more revelation into certain things.

And I had this opportunity to read about other people’s encounters with God. I have read about other people’s experiences with God, whether that’s in a book or by going to their class. 

I have a business and I teach people how to strategically build their businesses online, and my clients come to me because I have experience in something that they don’t have experience in. 

I have revelation and knowledge in things that they don’t have, so they pay for my book, for my classes or for consulting. 

And it reminds me of that. 

And so I feel like it’s the same way if you are wanting to learn more about God. 

We’re gonna talk about the Bible in the latter part of the series. So don’t get me wrong. But if you wanna learn more about God and hearing God, one of the things you can do is you can read books.

You can purchase books from people, pastors, leaders, ministers that have been on this journey with God for some time and have learned how to hear His voice. 

That they’re actually able to teach you why you are experiencing this or that. 

I mean, there’s so many books that I’ve read over the years from my business as well as for ministry. And when I think about what I have learned on the inside of those books, they literally caused me to skip a bunch of steps.

It’s like some of the pitfalls I could have fallen into but I didn’t fall into because I’d learned so much by reading other people’s books and going to classes.

It’s like when I was having dreams at night, I didn’t know how to interpret them but I took some dream classes by watching some things on YouTube for an extended period of time, buying some DVDs, some CDs, and then doing a three month class on how to interpret your God-given dreams. 

And so all these different things and tools are here for us. 

If one of the ways you wanna learn how to hear God, then I strongly recommend that you start picking up some books. 

And whether those are physical books or those are audio books. I highly recommend that you pick up some books and find some classes of people that are teaching things you wanna learn about.

If you wanna learn about the apostolic, evangelists, the prophet, prophetic dreams, visions, or whatever. Then start doing some research. 

You may be attending a church where they don’t talk about those things, and that’s okay if they don’t, but if that’s something that you wanna learn about. If it’s something that you want to be able to walk in a lot better or hear God in other ways.Then I would strongly recommend you do some research. 

We go to Google and we search for everything else. Why would we not go learn and attend some events and classes and seminars? To learn about ways that we can hear God. 

So that is episode one of this series. Take classes and read books. 

These are gonna be very short episodes to help you to get started with hearing God. And so, make sure to watch out for the next part of this series. 


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