#161 What is your Organic Marketing Strategy?

Paid advertisement has been all of the rage lately so much so that many of us have forgotten about the power of good ole organic marketing. And while it may seem like organic marketing isn’t worth your while as a time-strapped entrepreneur, it’s important to look at the ROI you might be leaving on the table if you’re not leveraging platforms like TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. That’s why today on the podcast Keenya is talking about how organic marketing on TikTok has allowed her to generate over $700,000 in the last two years. If you were doubting the power of organic marketing, you won’t be after listening to this episode! 


In this episode, you’ll gain insight into: 


  • Keenya’s perspective on the power of organic marketing 
  • The importance of a plan and strategy
  • Keenya’s tips on leveraging lucrative social media platforms to support yourself and succeed online


Listening to this episode will leave you feeling optimistic about the FREE ORGANIC marketing opportunities that await you online, especially on TikTok, and maybe even motivate you to double down on organic marketing in your own business. 


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