#159 Should I Launch a High Ticket Program

When it comes to scaling your consulting business fast you’ve probably heard that launching a high-ticket program is the answer to your prayers. But what if I told you that running with that piece of advice could be detrimental to your brand? 

Today on the podcast, Keenya is dispelling the myth that high-ticket programs are a one-size fits all solution for new consultants who are striving to hit lofty revenue goals. She’s uncovering exactly what you need to know before you collect tens of thousands of dollars from your customers. 

You’ll gain insight into:

  • The kind of consulting experience Keenya recommends having under your belt before launching a high-ticket program
  • The importance of knowing how to disqualify clients right from the start who aren’t a fit for an intimate, high-stakes coaching container  
  • Systems that you can start streamlining today that will help you cultivate a stellar high-ticket worthy client experience down the road

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