Topic 1 – Hire a Part Time Assistant

I am so excited because we are starting a brand new series for the new year. 

And the 100% of the goal is to help you as an entrepreneur. So, you’re gonna get all the things you need to do to get started as an entrepreneur this year. 

And so to start your new year off, we are gonna give you the Top 10 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do this Year so that you can just start this thing off right and not try to figure out what you should be doing.

And we are gonna have 10 different articles in this series. 

We are gonna keep it very brief in an effort for you to be able to get in and get out and get what you need.

So one of the things you need to do as an entrepreneur this year is you need to hire an assistant. 

Now, I know that it depends upon where you are in your business, you might be working your business part-time or full-time or where you are with your income. 

You may be saying to yourself, “Well, I can’t actually afford to hire an assistant”

Here’s what I would say, I understand because I have been there. 

But here’s also what I understand, I did not realize how much an assistant would change my life. 

I didn’t realize that once I got an assistant how much more money I could make as a result of somebody taking a lot of things off of my plate.

I didn’t understand it.

And so it took me years before I got an assistant but it has literally changed everything about me, my life and my business. 

And then of course it is having someone else be employed full-time. 

So here’s something I want you to know about hiring an assistant.

A friend of mine said, “If you’re gonna hire an assistant, I want you to write down all the things you do in your business that you don’t enjoy doing?” 

And I thought it’s kind of morbid to give to someone. But he said, “But it is what it is. You need an assistant” 

And so I made a list of all the things that I’m doing in my business in general, and then I checked off the things that I did not want to do. 

Then when I posted a job on, I posted, “Here are the things that I need an assistant to do. So you need to have experience with these”

And when I started interviewing people that were in the US and in different countries, I could see the people that had all the skills to do the things that I did not want to do. 

And to see how they enjoyed doing them or just were really good at doing them. 

So when I hired my assistant, it literally changed my life so much.

If you send us an email and you’re in conversation with Adora. She’s so helpful. She’s so gifted. I’m so thankful. 

I remember one time I said to her, “I’m giving you a pay raise.” 

She didn’t ask for it, but she’s changing my whole life. 

And she was like, “Wow, what is going on?” 

My assistant helped us with our systems and processes. Meaning that she has experience with creating standard operating procedures. 

She knew how to take all the things that I was saying on a Zoom video and turn them into processes. 

She knew how to set up all these systems in the business so that I could really focus on being a visionary because like I’m just not an attention to detail person. 

I haven’t been that way. And I’ve been evolving and growing. 

But if that is someone’s natural tendency to be that way and to assist. Then let’s just go ahead and let them do what it is that they do best. 

If you’re gonna have the most success this year of 2023, you have got to hire an assistant.

And so if you want a way to hire one, just go to, and you can post a job. 

But before you post a job, you can actually just search for assistance and you can see other  job posts. 

You can search in terms of finding a job as an assistant so you can see what other employers are saying in their job post. 

If you’ve never written a job description, just go and see what other people are posting as job descriptions for a virtual assistant.

Then you can just tweak it for you and post it in upwork for a job. It’s really easy. 

And then you’ll get a ton of people that are interested in the job and then you can look at their profile, their starts, or their reviews. And then you can also have conversations with them. 

You can also set up interviews and just go through that process. 

I promise you it’s gonna save you so much time, so much energy, so much stress. 

And when you look up in six, nine months, or maybe even 90 days, you’re gonna be so glad that the first thing you did this year in 2023 is hire an assistant. 

And so this is part one and there are 10 different topics that are gonna be in this series. 

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