Hire someone to help create your systems

One of the major things that I did not have in my business… I am so ashamed to say it!

I didn’t have any systems in my business!

Listen, we didn’t get any systems in my business until 2022.

 I know you’re like, “what in the world?”

So we did have systems, but they were all in my head.

None of them were like on paper, on video or anywhere. 

So when I say that 2022 was brutal, it was brutal with a capital B. 

And it was because while building my business, while marketing my business and doing all the things that come along with services and clients, we also had to build an entire business system.

I am not laughing because it was not funny at all. It was last year when we started creating systems in my business.

Now, I had someone tell me that they would do the systems for me for $30,000!

I said, I’m gonna pay them $30,000, but I still have to be involved. 

That means I might as well just do it myself. 

Cause I’m like, “no way I’m gonna pay you 30 grand and I still gotta do all this work”

You just need to be able to come and do brain surgery and get this stuff outta me, otherwise it ain’t nobody. 

We ain’t paying you nothing! Like in the words of Kanye, “You can’t tell me nothing”. 

And so we decided to go down this journey that if we were gonna build a successful business, then we had to create systems and processes.

I had never heard of the word SOP until the end of 2021. 

“Standard Operating Procedures”

I know it sounds crazy, but when you are an entrepreneur, a visionary, you just go!

It wasn’t until  I hired a high performance business coach and she was all about the systems and I was staring in the blank space!

I was like, “what is happening?” 

But I decided that it was time for me to hire someone to help me with my systems. 

Now the beautiful thing about this is that part one of this series, I talked about hiring a part-time assistant.

Before I hired an assistant, I actually was looking for someone full-time.

But I said, let me see if I can find someone who is a full-time assistant that I can also have them help me with my systems.

Because I just didn’t know what I didn’t know! 

And so when I posted a job for someone to help me with systems, I posted a job on Upwork, which I talked a little bit about on episode one, and I said I needed a virtual assistant.

Here were the hours I’d needed during PST hours, like California hours. 

Here was the hourly rate, the hourly range. 

And I need someone that not only knows Slack, click up and all that type of stuff, but this person knows how to create standard operating procedures. 

And I had my business coach show me what her SOPs looked like.

And so when people responded to the job, I said, let me see a sample of your previous SOP!

And most of them said, I can’t show you one because it’s confidential. 

And I said what if I pay you an hour and here is a video, I want you to take this video of me teaching this process, and I want you to turn it into a standard operating procedure. 

And when “Adora” sent hers back, I was like, “What is this?I don’t even know what this is, but this is beyond amazing” 

And so I remember giving her another task and I said, can you turn what you did  into a graph?

Because sometimes I need pictures because my mind works in pictures. 

And when I watched the graph come back, I was like, “Who is this woman?” 

Have you ever seen the movie Color Purple? That’s how I kind of felt with my assistant.

I mean, she is beyond amazing! She may not listen but she is just beyond amazing.

And she has transformed my entire life, my entire business.

Was it hard? YES! 

It was hard for me. It was hard for her. It was hard for every person involved. But the other day we were bringing on a part-time assistant to assist her.

And instead of us having to record a bunch of new videos, it was like, ”No, here’s the link. This, this, and this!”

Have her watch all these things to get her understanding of what’s going on and what her job is gonna be. 

When I just saw the docs, I was just like, this is why 2021 was so important and why all of 2022 was so important!

So that was what was happening in 2023, a lot of success because we’re not stunted by not having the processes and procedures and all that type of stuff. 

Does that make sense? 

So if you’re gonna make the most money in your business, have the most success in your business!

To be able to have people on your team who know their job and can do their job every single day without it constantly changing, you’re gonna have to hire someone to help you with your systems.

You can get an online business manager!

You can get an assistant who knows how to create standard operating procedures!

But listen, you still are gonna have to get everything outta your head!

That person is not gonna be able to know what you’re thinking, know what you do, how you do!

It’s gonna be a process, and every time you’re walking through a launch or a new funnel or whatever it is, you’re gonna have to walk with your team!

The person is gonna be creating SOPs for you so that it’s the greatest experience.

So they can do it once and not have to always do it over and over again. 

But I promise you, if you take that time, you’re gonna be so thankful that you did. 

It’s gonna be challenging. It’s gonna be a lot of work on top of what else you already got going on.

And I promise you this, if we look at some of the most successful people, most successful businesses, these businesses have systems!

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