#167 When To Know Its Time To Take A Break From Social Media

As a content creator, the pressure to constantly be on social media can feel crippling at times. When what once only required sporadic posting for fun and staying connected to friends becomes the lifeblood of your business, the pressure to perform and constantly be “on” amplifies, leading many to spend what should be their personal time scrolling…talk about a one-way ticket to burn out city!

Many, however, fear the unknown more than they do the possibility of burnout. You might feel like it’s impossible to take a break from social media. Maybe you fear that your engagement tank along with your bank account if step away from Instagram or TikTok for too long.

Keenya wrestled with that fear and ultimately pushed past it and decided to take a real break from social media – and she doesn’t regret it! In this episode, she’s chatting about how she knew it was time to unplug, and she’s uncovering some warning signs you can look out for that might indicate you’re due for a social media detox yourself.

You’ll walk away from this episode feeling empowered and ready to take charge of your relationship with social media. Consider this your official permission slip to step away and create sanity-saving boundaries around social media, stopping the constant scroll for good!

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