How often you should post daily on TikTok 2022

How often you should post daily on TikTok

How often you should post daily on TikTok is one question many business owners are puzzled by. Like other social media platforms, posting consistently on TikTok is definitely one way to increase your reach and gain an audience. 

Showing up for your audience even when you don’t feel like it is a great way to gain their trust and keep them loyal to your brand. When you post consistently, they feel more connected to you and are more willing to purchase your offerings. 

So, How many times should you post a day on Tiktok in 2022?

I recommend posting rich and value-centered content 1-3 times daily. Short form videos are an excellent marketing tool and since TikTok is the home of this type of content, you should take advantage. Posting more than once every day increases your chances of getting seen by your desired audience. 

But always remember, valuable content over frequency. 

For any business, consistency is vital, just like I said here. It is essential in ensuring you make headway in any business, and you must normalize this strategy. However, it is not just about posting multiple videos daily or keeping up with other platforms’ trends but focusing on the value of the content.

So think about it. Before consistency dictates your business drive, what kind of content are you posting? Are you repeating the same content in a different approach? Audiences are getting more intelligent every day and they can tell when you start running out of content ideas. The key is to stay authentic to your brand and only post relevant content. Take the time to research, explore, and find something unique that can make your brand stand out from the clutter. 

Apart from knowing how many times to post in a day on TikTok, other vital concerns that can impact your TikTok postings are listed below:


1. Know the best time to post on Your Account

The number one determining factor of how often you should be posting is understanding the demographics of your audience.

Who are your audiences, and where are they located?

Blind marketing will never be attractive on any platform, so to get your audience’s attention, meet them where they are. From defining a niche, your subsequent finding is who your audiences are? From this discovery, you will know where they reside and their time zone. Post your videos when they are likely to be online and resting or less occupied, so they can watch the videos, get the message, and take action.

What if we are in different time zones? 

I have had several people ask this question. Thanks to the revolving earth, we all can’t be awake at the same time. But your Tiktok scheduler is always awake and even wakes you up, so head over to it, record, edit, and schedule all your videos. Set the scheduler to the different time zones of your audience and never have them miss out on your valuable video content. 


2. Think Hashtags and Use them

Hashtags are the keywords of social media platforms and are a great tool that will help get more eyes on your content. Search engine optimization requires that you use related keywords appropriately on your posts for better reach. This is similar to what hashtags do for your content on TikTok.

 Start with finding keywords that associate with your brand and what your audiences are searching for on the platform and use them with hashtags. Include the hashtags in your video captions. When users visit the TikTok search bar, your highly optimized video or post might pop and send traffic to your profile. 

To wrap it up, knowing how many times you should post a day on TikTok in 2022 begins with knowing your audience and their schedule. From a marketing standpoint, you should find time to at least know when they are active on TikTok so they can grab the valuable content you are dishing out. 

Remember to prioritize quality and unique offerings on your regular postings of valuable content. Quality must accompany consistency; then, you can watch your business grow on TikTok

So, dump the wait, start creating your content, and schedule those videos. 

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