How to be earthly good

Have you ever met a Christian? 

And all they talk about is God. All they talk about is heaven. All they talk about is the Bible. 

And as you’re with them, you’re like, “Am I even saved? Am I doing life wrong if I’m not always talking about God? Always quoting scriptures” 

And here’s what I realize. 

We’re not supposed to be so heavenly minded that we are not earthly good, meaning that we love God and God wants us to make disciples and all the things, but we are still here. 

And so today we’re talking about not being so heavenly minded that we are not earthly good. 

And I know we may rubble a few feathers with that, but let’s just have a little conversation about that. 

It’s important to not be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good, right? 

And so what does that mean to me? 

So I started the article off by asking the question of, have you ever encountered a person who all they talk about is God?

All they talk about is heaven, and they never talk about food or basketball or jewelry or other things. 

It’s like every single thing they talk about is getting to heaven and getting to heaven. 

Sometimes it makes you feel you’re not saved. It makes you feel you’re not doing enough, and honestly, it feels a little awkward.

It’s hard to have a conversation with a person who can only talk about one thing. 

But not only that,  if you’re somebody and you’re not a Christian or you’re not whatever place that a person is in with their Christianity. And then you encounter this person who can’t have a conversation out of heaven, a conversation out of the Bible, then you can’t relate to them.

And you definitely don’t wanna continue talking to them. 

You definitely don’t wanna come to their church. 

You definitely don’t wanna be discipled by them. Because you’re like, “if I’m supposed to be like you, then I don’t want that because it is, it feels a little weird” 

I know you have experienced that type of person, right?

Or it may not be Christianity, it may be politics, it may be the Cold War or whatever. 

And all they can talk about is that thing and you’re just like, “Okay”

And so when I encounter people like that, I don’t always give my opinion because I give my opinion if somebody asks for it. 

Or if they’re just continuing on and on then I’m like, “Hey, you’re doing too much” 

I find a way to articulate what I’m thinking to them. 

When I think about people that don’t really know how to navigate that. 

I feel like it’s a couple things.

One, sometimes a person is a brand new Christian. 

They were all the way over here in what it is they were in and what they were doing. 

And then when they gave that up, they gave it up for God. And in a sense, that’s all they have. 

That’s all they know, because that’s all they’ve been doing.

Giving up all of that stuff over there because there’s this part of them that’s like, “I can’t do anything of what I used to do, or it’s gonna bring me all the way back over here” 

Because when you’ve been quite “lost and you are found”, you’re like, I just wanna stay in this safe place.

I get it. 

And so I can see it for a new Christian. 

But someone who is not brand new to Jesus, and you’ve been around for a while, you gotta learn how not to be like that.

I really don’t think that when Jesus was sitting with the tax collectors, and when He was with a woman who was about to get stoned, I really don’t think that He was quoting things right.

If we read the scriptures, He was not like that.

He acted like a human and He made people feel normal. 

He drew people to Him and then drew them to God. 

But He wasn’t this weirdo. 


It sounds really mean. But I like to try to help people to understand that concept of like, you have to think about the person that you’re talking to.

What experience are they having? 

Now, I know some people say, “well, I’m not gonna be like them because I’m with Jesus” or whatever. 

I’m not saying go be like them. 

I’m not saying go do things that you should not do or have conversations around things that you don’t wanna have conversations around.

What I am saying is that one of the greatest things we can do is love people, and then the next thing is to discipline them. 

But you can’t love a person if you don’t get to know a person. 

If you don’t spend time with a person you don’t. Start enjoying some of the things that they enjoyed. 

Not bad things, but just normal things. 

You can’t learn to appreciate a person or be with a person if you are weird. 

You know what I’m saying? 

It’s kind of like I’ve got friends who love reality TV. I don’t really watch a lot of shows like Real Housewives and stuff like that. But I did watch Love Is Blind.

I think back in the day I wanted Married at First Sight and there’s a friend of mine who loves that type of stuff. 

I don’t talk about some of the things that are on the show or act like that but it’s funny sometimes when I’m watching it. 

And I have a friend of mine who I just reached out to and we’re able to chat about it.

But this also is the same friend to where if something is going down and she needs prayer, I’m the one that she comes to. 

There’s other friends that have really gotten into what they call biohacking, like learning all the ins and outs of their bodies and organs. All that helps with health and wellness.

I don’t really understand a lot of the stuff. But I do understand some of it. 

And it has been very beneficial for me to learn it. 

And when I’m having a conversation with this group of friends, we can have full conversations about it.

You know what I mean? 

Like I was at somebody’s house and they were talking for an hour and a half about this stuff I did not understand. 

I just sat there just listening. 

And they said, “Keenya, do you understand any of this?” 

And I’m like, “no, I don’t understand any of it, but it’s okay because I’m learning by listening to ya’ll” 

And then somebody changed the subject to something else and I was 100% in that.

And I was able to kind of walk this girl through some anxiety she was experiencing. 

And when I was finished talking, they were like, “how did you do that?” 

And I’m like, “how did I do what?” 

They’re like, “how did you do what you just did?” 

I said, “oh, so while y’all were biohacking people, I’m this person”

And then they spent the next hours just asking me questions. 

Then they were like, “well, what is your relationship with God like? How do you hear God?” 

And then it became this whole long conversation about me and my relationship with God, my experiences with God and all that, because I was able to just be normal.

We don’t have to agree with people. 

We don’t have to be in all the things that they’re doing, but we can’t be so weird. 

We can’t be so focused on heaven and getting to heaven that we’re actually not enjoying the life that God gave us. 

God gave me these amazing little cats, and if I was so focused on heaven, I would spend all of my days just praying and praying in my house, and not enjoying the cute little cats that I have.

Not really enjoying learning fashion and makeup. 

Not really enjoying living in this beautiful paradise, San Diego, California, if I was so focused on heaven. 

So this is a very short article, and I wanted to bring this to you because I know that we love Jesus, but Jesus wants us to love people. And lead people to Him.

But you can’t love people if you don’t get to know people. 

You don’t love your spouse, your kids, or whatever, without getting to know them. 

You don’t force them into whatever. 

That’s not love. 

That’s control, right? 

But you do spend time with them. You let people spend time with you so you can get to know them and love them.

And so you gotta go and spend time with other people. 

Hope you enjoyed this short article. I hope you weren’t offended by it. If you. Everything’s fine. 

Otherwise, if you wouldn’t mind, please share this article with somebody. 

I think it’ll be very beneficial to them. I think that they will be super blessed by it.

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