How to do a Transition

Wanna learn how to do transitions on TikTok?

Transitions are a great way to get people to watch your content, but sometimes it could feel very confusing. 

Well, in this article, I’m gonna show you how to do a simple transition using the three second timer.

We’re just gonna give you a very, very basic tutorial. 

You’re gonna be very surprised by the simple thing you need to do in order to make a transition on TikTok. Let me show you. 

So this young lady here, she did a very, very simple transition. You’re gonna see her go from looking like she’s got outta shower to where she is fully dressed and all that. 

So the first thing she did was she made sure that she recorded herself with her hair, not fully done and inside of her bathrobe. And then she transitioned into the dress, and her hair had a beachy wave.

Now here’s the steps of how this particular transition happens. 

So first we’re gonna click on the sound down here in the lower right hand corner and the circle. 

And so then we’re gonna click on the use this sound button.

Now what has to happen is that you have to tell TikTok when to stop the sound. 

What does that mean?

So what that means is that you have the full song and at a certain point in the sound is when the lady actually changed to her black mini dress. 

And so you have to tell TikTok Stop. So we’re gonna go ahead and click on a three second timer. 

And so here’s the deal. Right around at 6.5 seconds, there is when we needed to stop the sound. Try clicking the start countdown button and then after the 3 second timer countdown, you can record yourself already and it will stop at 6.5 seconds.  

After it stops, you can change into something else. So here, I actually put on my sunglasses so that when I did the transition you will see where I had the sunglasses after 6.5 seconds. 

Now, I hit the three second timer again and clicked start countdown again to record myself with the sunglasses on.

After the transition, you can check and watch what you did. 

And that is literally it. 

That is how you do a transition on TikTok. 

So you wanna look in the beginning, and then you do the three second timer. You stop it, and then you go and put on your next outfit or whatever you’re gonna do.

And then once you finish recording, then that’s a transition. 

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