How To Drive Traffic From TikTok To Other Platforms

All social media platforms are similar and connected in certain ways. So, it is unsurprising that brands try to drive traffic from TikTok to other platforms. I figured out an effective strategy to drive TikTok traffic to Instagram, and we went from 5000 followers to over 20,000.

This post will explore this strategy and other tips to help you move traffic from TikTok to other platforms.

How to move TikTok Traffic to other platforms

TikTok has made it easy to move traffic to other social media sites. If you go to your profile, you will see an “edit profile” button. Click that and scroll to the bottom. In there, you will get the option to link your Instagram or YouTube. Do this and hit save. When anyone visits your profile on TikTok, they can click on the Instagram icon, which shows the links of all the profiles you added, and see a drop-down menu to choose the platform they want to visit.

Another strategy is to be more intentional with it. In your bio description, you can include “follow me on IG @Username” in addition to your brand description. This way, your audience knows they can find you on other platforms, and you can drive traffic to those sites.

Things to Note

When I started on TikTok, I didn’t have up to 1000 followers, so naturally, I couldn’t put a clickable link in my bio. TikTok only gives the link in bio feature to users with 1000 followers or more. Since I didn’t have this feature yet, I updated my bio description to include my Instagram username. This helped me direct traffic to my Instagram page without the link in bio feature.

Also, when I started creating TikTok videos, I would put my Instagram username on the screen in my videos as a caption. Although the progress was slow, I noticed people coming to my Instagram.

Another strategic step I took was to use other resources to drive traffic. I had a free business training link on my Instagram bio. So when I created TikTok videos about the training, I would put, “To get this free training, visit my Instagram @KeenyaKelly and click the link in my bio.” I had hundreds of people coming from TikTok to my Instagram to get this freebie, and many of them followed my account.

Also, at the end of my TikTok videos, I invite the audience to follow me on Instagram for more tips and teachings. I know it sounds really simple, but often we’re not doing these small things that have quite the impact.

Use the TikTok live feature.

Once I got 1000 followers and could go live, I started telling people to send me a DM on Instagram. I invited them to access more free and regular training sessions by following me on Instagram and sending me a dm saying, “I want more information.”

Now some of my old videos are resurfacing on Tik Tok. So I have people coming to my DM to get the free training that works. So these strategies keep working even after you’ve stopped promoting them.

Disclaimer: Note that if you’re trying to get people from Tik Tok to Instagram if you have 400,000 followers, it will not be an instant move of 400,000 people to Instagram. Also, note that when people start coming to your Instagram account, you have to make sure you have great content there too, or they will not stick around or follow you.

Ensure that your brand voice on Instagram or YouTube matches that on TikTok. This is to avoid confusion and build the authenticity of your brand. I am the same on every social media account and in real life. That is how you will move people from Tik Tok to Instagram to help grow your account, and I cannot wait to see your success.

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