How To Gain 50,000 TikTok Followers in 24 hours

How to gain 50,000 followers on TikTok in 24 hours!

So I actually helped a client gain over 50,000 followers on TikTok in 24 hours. 

And I wanna show you exactly how we did it. 

One of the first things we did was we did a search on the TikTok platform to see what was already working well on the platform.

So, my client had a particular niche, and so we searched her particular niche, to see what was working. 

Once we could see a theme with the different videos on the platform, we decided to write a very short, short script on what to do in her video. 

We also decided to use trending audio and then keep her video very, very short, meaning it was about seven to eight seconds. 

So then we started actually testing the different videos on the platform with certain hooks, and then one of the videos went crazy viral. 

I mean, this video got like 1.3 million views in three days. 

But I know the question is, can anyone go viral on TikTok?

And the answer is absolutely!

Because of virality, what that means is that 1 million people have chosen to watch this content. 

That means that thousands and thousands of people shared your video with people. 

They tagged people. 

And so, if your content is good and for a particular group of people, you are guaranteed an opportunity to be able to go viral on TikTok.

But I also know that business owners ask themselves like, well, what do we do after we go viral? 

Well, one of the things you wanna do is engage with people in the comments. 

So, because when you go viral, people are gonna be asking you questions and commenting, and if you sell a product or service, and people are asking about it.

Well, here’s an amazing opportunity to talk to your audience. 

You can either comment on everybody’s comment. 

You can either ask some of them to actually send you a DM on TikTok. 

That way you’re able to have private conversations with them 

And you might be able to actually write a comment in the feed and then pin it to the top of your video. 

That way when people come to your profile and come to that particular video, they can see that. 

But also, one of the tricks I gave, one of my recent clients that made a hundred thousand dollars from one video is she actually did a reply video to a comment that was on the viral video.

So what does that mean? 

So the video went viral and somewhat asks this question of how can we work with you? 

And people ask all types of questions, but that one was guaranteed to help and to allow to create a secondary video that’s connected to the first video and her answering that question. 

So she did what’s called a reply video to that comment, which created a brand new video and she talked about how you can work together.

And so that particular video, she actually made that a pinned video on her profile. 

So I know you’re like, what do you mean?

For example, so you’ve got this video that is going viral and everybody’s watching, watching, and watching.

But in that particular video, you may not necessarily be giving the offer of how they can work with you.

So you can actually go to that video, find a comment, click on the comment, and then do what’s called a reply video. 

Now that video is gonna be the first video on your feed. 

And then this is where you can answer how someone can work with you. 

And you can pin that video to the top of your profile.

That’s gonna allow people, the moment that they see this particular video that’s already going viral and they come to your profile, that video is gonna be the first thing that they see.

And that gives them the call to action that you may not have done in the viral video. 

And so a lot of times people will say, well, will gaining, 10,000, 20,000 followers changed my life overnight


Now, sometimes you just gain a bunch of followers and that’s it.

But sometimes you gain a bunch of followers and they’re actually your target customer who choose to make a purchase from you. 

Opt into your emails or email list or something like that.

I know from me personally, the first time I went viral, it did not change my life. 

It got me 10,000 new followers, but it did not get me 10,000 new customers. 

The second time I went viral, I was very intentional about my calls to action, and I ended up getting thousands of people to join my email list.

And then hundreds of those people actually purchased my product and service.

One of those videos that I went viral with actually sold my book like crazy on my website and on Amazon.

So, did it change my life?

No, but it definitely gave me more free leads and made me money in my business. 

But a lot of our clients have made a significant amount of money selling their products and services, so it can change your life.


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