How to get more views on TikTok

How to get more views on TikTok

Earlier in the Tiktok platform, I learned that creating content was one thing; having more people see and engage with your content was another. So, I dug deeper into the culture of the Tiktok platform, its algorithm and I’ve discovered hacks that I am delighted to share with you…

5 Tiktok hacks that helped me get more views

1. Engage to similar content creators

Engaging with content creators in your niche is one big step in the right direction because you have the chance to introduce your content to your target audience. 

  • Dump the competitor mentality: On TikTok, Your fellow niche creator is not a hostile competitor, even though you may be tempted to think of them like that. Instead, I saw them as my next open opportunity to meet my audience, so I hopped on their profile and engaged with their videos. 
  • Leave a valuable comment(s): How? I left a helpful comment, more likely contributed from my wealth of experience, and you know what that did? Those interactions drew tons of audiences my way. So, the next time I made a similar video, I basked in a beehive of engagement, and every post I made had other creators engaging and sharing as well. What does that tell you? We all win because we all engage with each other; the best part is, the algorithm favored us.
  • The algorithm also sees, hears, and helps: Yes, the Tiktok algorithm waves the “viral wane” when the engagement is massive, which is what every content creator wants. Be sure you first learn to reach out to your niche’s top creators. Then, after interacting with their content, feel free to send DMs to get their attention to your profile.

2. Take it out on hashtags; the algorithm loves them. 

Hashtags signify trends! I never post content without adding relevant hashtags because that is how the Tiktok algorithm identifies my video’s content and brings my audiences to me. 

  • Hashtags help with search results: The algorithm will push users my way when they go searching for the exact or related content.
  • The longer the trend, the more views you get: When many people use hashtags, they stay longer on the Tiktok space and draw more audience to your content, so adding them is gainful.
  • You can also create a hashtag relatable to a trending topic in your niche or an exciting event. From there, you will have other creators hop on the train, and viral hashtags happen, bringing in more views to your content.   

3. Create short videos/content

Naturally, your audience’s attention span is short because so many things compete for their attention, so it helps if you keep things brief. 

  • 10-minute isn’t too long: But before the buzz of Tiktok, I was uploading longer videos on Facebook and Youtube and would only post an invite link to them on Tiktok. But at last! Times have changed; with a broad audience on Tiktok, a 10-minute video gave me impressive views. So, I recommend this length for Tiktok content creators, knowing that a 10-minute value-packed video can keep your audience’s attention span. Yes, you will still hear people say, keep your Tiktok videos short and sweet, but I say, if you are teaching/giving value, people will watch to the end. Not just that, they will share, and oh my! Sharing is everything for views. 

4. Use trending sounds. 

It is not strange to have tons of people looking for videos with a trending sound of the moment. The searches will have the hashtags of the viral sound, and I wouldn’t let anything stop me from getting in on a trend.

Make sure you use a trending sound to go viral and gain more traffic. Similarly, people search the Tiktok bar for the trending video and a trending sound. 

The algorithm will also help make that video with the trending sound appear on people’s feeds and give you more views. So, please don’t sleep on trends whenever they happen; record your sound and use the tips I shared

5. Share your content across other social media. 

Tiktok is relatively new, and before it came, you probably had a community on your other platforms. Make sure whenever you create high-quality content, maybe a “how-to video,” put up the link on your other social media platforms. Have them head to your TikTok page for views. You can equally share a snippet of the video as a luring strategy on the other platforms and have them racing to your TikTok page.


Be sure you add keywords in captions; the algorithm loves keywords and will send searchers your way for the views. Once you get your traffic up, you can start monetizing your TikTok and increasing your revenue. 

Remember, more views happen when the content is valuable, engaging, and attractive.