How To Get On The For You Page On Tiktok

The For You Page (or FYP) is probably where you found me on TikTok, and where tons and tons of people get discovered or go viral. But how do you get on it? Just because you get on the FYP, that doesn’t mean every single person on TikTok will see your video. It means that your video is being dispersed to people known to be interested in your content (aka your audience). For example, if you use hashtags like #collegestudent or #over30 or #stayathomemom, your videos will likely appear on the FYP of people who fit those groups.  Hashtags and the sounds you use determine whose FYP you get on. It’s also not because those people are searching certain hashtags, but because of people who have engaged with those hashtags before (liked or commented on videos). Use the maximum amount of hashtags possible, but use QUALITY hashtags that make sense for your video, in addition to trending hashtags. Some people will hashtag #fyp, but that doesn’t always work. By using trending hashtags, TikTok will put your content out there more and push it to more peoples’ FYPs. Finally, keep engaging with people who are watching your videos! Reply to every comment that you receive, and that engagement will help your video get pushed to more people as well. For more help with Tiktok enroll on my new course and come follow on on Tiktok To watch this training on my YouTube Channel Click Here  

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