How to Get TikTok Famous

Being Tiktok Famous is really real. There are thousands of people on Tiktok that have reached well over 1 million followers and are now being paid an insane amount of money to post content, be a part of agencies and make appearances in videos, movies etc. If being famous on Tiktok is your thing then this post is for you. Here are my biggest tips for getting Tiktok Famous:
  1. Create a challenge that has viral potential. Challenges get picked up on Tiktok often and when yours does and all the creators begin to tag you in their videos (that’s normal for Tiktok) you will gain fame VERY QUICKLY!! This is very similar to The Renegade Dance that went CRAZY viral.
  2. Create content that makes others want to use it to everyone. When people download your videos and reshare them to Tiktok or just share your link to other platforms because they want everyone to see if THAT will get you Tiktok famous for sure.
  3. Lastly – Becoming a person on Tiktok that everyone has to see everyday. That could be inspirational, motivational or even controversial. When people wake up and can’t wait to find your content YOU have become Tiktok famous for real.
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