How To Go Viral On Tiktok

The number one thing to understand if you want to go viral is that your content has to be ENGAGING. It has to be something that people say “I’ve got to watch this again” or “I’ve got to share this with my friends!” Ask yourself: why do YOU watch certain videos over and over again? That’s what has the potential to go viral! The second tip is that before you post your video, you have to use certain hashtags to target your audience. You want to use the same hashtags that other people are using who you want to watch your videos. For example, I made a video where I showed how I always neatly place my plates, cups, and silverware into my cupboards, but when I put my Tupperware away, I just throw it in the drawer! I know a lot of people do it the exact same way, and they would think that was funny! So, I used hashtags like #momsover30, #womenover35, things like that – because typically the people who can relate to that are the moms putting away the dishes! That video is now at over 300,000 views, and it’s targeting the people who are the most likely to buy my products in my business.  For more help with Tiktok enroll on my new course and come follow on on Tiktok To watch this training on my YouTube Channel Click Here

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