How To Live Stream Like a Boss

The first time I went live nobody was watching. 

I started terribly;  live streaming was not a thing. 

It was not something that was taught to us in school. It was just something that kind of came about. 

Suddenly, I started hearing from some friends who were making money off live streaming. And I was just like, “What? That’s impossible.” 

I needed to figure out what in the world was going on with it. 

Guess what? 

I did it, and I want you to do the same thing, but before we need to go back. 

In 2015 I had just started my career in network marketing, where I made good money,  and one of the things we as networkers did back then to achieve this, was a lot of home parties to reach more people.

But… by this time I also was going through a divorce, and attending parties wasn’t really my first go to, so I had to find a different way and I decided to market my network marketing and products via livestream.

That meant I would set a date, I would get a flyer made,  promote it on Facebook, and then hope that people would show up when I was live.

It started with getting all of my products on a desk, talking about the company, the services, sharing how other people could enroll with me and then making the offer.

I cannot say I got a ton of money out of this, but it did teach me that I could reach a lot of people very fast by live streaming.

So, later when I decided to launch my own consulting company “If You Brand It”, where I helped business owners to design their own brands,me and my team decided to launch that on Facebook live stream.

That meant every single morning at 9:00 am I would get up, and I would have a topic to talk about for at least 20 minutes. I would teach this topic and then make the offer to join our email list or purchase our package. 

We did that for quite a while in our first business, after a month  we made $10,000, and we just kept going and kept going and kept going.

So by the time I joined TikTok in 2020, I knew that livestreaming worked. So I focused on getting my first 1000 followers and I decided that TikTok live was something I may need to get into.

So I said, “oh yeah! Let’s give it a try.”


We had already transitioned to TikTok for business coaching, so this time It was all about teaching. 

The formula for the Keenya Kelly Morning Show was simple: Going live on Tik Tok everyday for 40 minutes, 20 minutes teaching and then 20 minutes answering questions.

My team and I started experiencing an explosion in our business and with our following, people who didn’t even know me started to come to my profile because of this.

It was one of the main reasons we were able to gain the traction that we have on TikTok.

So after sharing all my journey with live streaming…  If I was to give you my top tips on how to live stream like a boss, it would be these:

Determine what your business is

You’ve got to determine what your business is. What are you selling? What is your offer?

For me, my service is helping people to build their businesses online, so my offers tend to be around coaching, consulting, and training.

But you need to know what it is that you’re offering before you can go live and start talking about it. Your audience needs to know what to expect from you.

Know your topic

Once you know what you’re going to offer, you need to know what your topic is for this particular live.

So for example, if I’m going to be talking about my coaching, I need to know what particular angle I’m going to be coming from.

Am I going to be talking about the benefits of coaching?

Maybe sharing my story and how coaching has helped me?

Or am I going to be talking about the different types of coaching that I offer?

You need to have a focus for your particular live stream so that your audience knows what to expect and so that you can best serve them.

Prepare a structure

Now that you know what you’re going to offer and you know what your focus is for the live stream, it’s time to prepare a structure. 

This doesn’t need to be complicated, but it could be something like knowing if you’re going to teach, if you’re going to do Q&A, if you’re going to bring somebody on screen with you, like how is your Livestream going to go?


For me, my typical live streaming session is that I prepare a topic, and it’ll be about 20 or 30 minutes long. 

I’ll teach for 20 or 30 minutes, then do the Q&A, and won’t bring anybody on screen, but I will allow people to ask questions.

Have your setup together


I’m not saying that you have to have an expensive ring light or anything like that, but you do want to have a setup that helps set the stage for professionalism. 

Make sure that you have good lighting, your audio is clear, and your internet connection is strong. 

When I think about somebody coming in and joining your Livestream, it’s like a commercial, right? 

People come and watch things and stay there because they’re getting something right and because they can experience it’s not giving them a bad experience, whether that be the audio is wrong, or the video is fuzzy, or it’s just a terrible internet connection. 

For example, on TikTok, I do trend alerts and alert people. And the other day, I found a good one for me to share, but when I went back to the original creator, her video was tough to see… 


And so I had to choose the next best video. I’m sure this also happened to more people.

That means she could have gotten featured up to thousands and thousands of people that have seen that video. Because her video was dark, it was hard to use it.


Finally, make sure you have your hands free A.K.A. use a tripod, this way, you can use your hands to gesture and connect with your audience; if you don’t have one, you could use a book or anything that can act as a stabilizer.


Build anticipation, go live and start engaging

Now that you have everything together, you want to start building some anticipation… Use some type of attention-grabbing and a description of what your life is about, and click go live!

Now that you are live, don’t just stay there; start engaging

Typically what I generally do is I’ll say, “Hey guys, I’m Keenya Kelly, a business consultant teaching female course creators how to make more money on TikTok”

Then I will say “If you are watching this on the replay type, hashtag replay in the comments, and it let’s me know you’re watching this on the replay; this is great for engagement”

Don’t try to reply to every comment that comes on; that’s where preparing a structure comes in handy. You could say something like, “great questions, let’s save that for the Q&A session at the end.”

Do you see? You offered something that will make them want to stay until the end, and you are also not looking as if you’re ignoring them.

So how do you live stream like a boss? By taking the time to prepare all the details, if you check my life you’ll notice that my background is designed, there are books, their bookshelves and all that.

In the end, I’m trying to give people a great experience when they watch me.

That’s it! I shared all the secrets I’ve learned this past six years to follow them, and you’ll be on your way to Livestream like a boss.

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