How To Optimize Your TikTok Profile

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want to give TikTok a try and see if it can help you sell more products or services…

You’re doing the job, you open the account, you start posting some content, but then you realize you might not be getting the results that you want.

Lemme, tell you something…

Optimizing your Tik Tok profile is the number one way to be found easily on the top platform

Let’s use my own experience as an example…

I teach Tik Tok to female consultants and one of the things that I realized a long time ago was that if I didn’t have my bio optimized and my profile and all that kind of stuff…

Then I actually may just be creating content and people were watching it and engaging with it.

But…  it wasn’t converting into actual sales. And for those of us that have businesses, we don’t want to just be on social media being very famous for a lot of following.

We actually want to make more money in our businesses

Can I get an amen?

And, because I learned that a couple of years ago on the platform, I want to make sure that you make sure that you optimize your profile.

I also want to offer a seat on my next training where I’m actually teaching in depth, how to TikTok to make more sales because that’s what we’re here for.  

Why Optimizing Your Profile is KEY on TikTok (And How To Do It) 

1. Type your name, so one of the first things you’re going to want to do is:

  • You’re going  to your profile page
  • Then, you’re going to want to click edit profile.
  • And when you do that, there’s going to be a lot of different things that come up on the screen.

Let’s go into detail about those…

One of the first things you’ll notice if you haven’t done it already, is you’re going to see two different names.

You’re going to see words like your name, and you’re going to see where your username is.

My hottest recommendation is that your name and username are the same, this way people can remember it easier and they can find you easier on the app.

You might be asking, “If I own a business should I make my name or should it be my business name? Well, it depends on your business.

And so if we sold water bottles and the name of our water bottle company was the water bottle, then my name and TikTok may not be Kelly. It would be the water bottle because I want people to find the water bottle.

But for me in my profile, I want people to find me, the consultant, because I am my brand.

  1. The next thing is your bio, you have a short amount of characters intakes often, so you’re going to want to have a very short, punchy and to the point bio that tells people:
  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • How you serve them?

I use this myself in my own TikTok, and what that does is, when people come to my account they know exactly who I am , exactly what I do, and who I do it for.

  1. Another tip is you tryna make sure that you’re using keywords in everything that you’re doing in your bio. SEO will do its magic, and the simplicity will help your customer.

They read that, they say, Oh, that’s me. And it helps them to be able to take action.

All right, last but not least you also want to save a little bit of space to give a call to action… It’s like the cherry on top.

You want to tell people exactly what you want them to do.

And so for me, I put one arrow on the left, one arrow on the right, and then I write the words free tools below or something like that.

And then I have a clickable link in my bio.

Now remember, you can only have a clickable lead on TikTok if you have a personal account once you get to your first 1000 followers.

Even though they might seem like small tips, if you do these simple things in your profile, you’re going to be able to optimize it for conversions.

This is why it’s so important to be very, very intentional and very strategic in everything, including in your photo. 

Bonus tip: Try to have the same photo on all social media platforms so that when people go to your pages, they know exactly who it is.

Ok, there ya have it my all time secrets to a bomb profile page that sells on TikTok. If you liked this info and you’re ready to use TikTok for your business, be sure to grab the FREE training to help you get started.