Season 3 EP: 38 -How to pray

Ever found yourself at a loss for words when it comes to prayer? 
Ever felt a pang of embarrassment when asked to pray aloud? 

Join me  as I share my personal journey of shaping my unique dialogue with God. 

From awkward beginnings to comfortable, intimate conversations, I’ll recount how I overcame my fears and insecurities, encouraging you to take small steps towards your own prayer journey. 

Think of prayer as a casual chat with a close friend, not a scripted monologue. 

This episode unravels the simplicity and beauty of prayer, where expressing gratitude, asking questions or sharing your deepest fears all have a place. 

I’ll share how my frank, heartfelt prayers not only drew me closer to God but also began to manifest in life. 

Brace yourself as we explore a refreshingly simple and intimate approach to prayer, one that may just transform your relationship with the divine.

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I would be honored to hear your takeaways and re-post your share!

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Understanding your spiritual gifts is definitely one of the foundational things that every single Christian needs to know. 

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