How To Sell Through Reels

Selling your products and services can feel and even be a little sleazy, but it doesn’t have to be. The truth is that… SALES IS A PROCESS People connect with you online and go through a journey of getting to you, your brand and then what you can offer to assist them. This can EASILY be done using Instagram Reels When I think of Reels I think of a place where people go to be entertained, the same way Facebook use to be, so if you are going to be able to effectively sell through Reels then you’ve gotta add a little bit of entertainment to your sales process. Here are my Top 3 Tips:
  1. Be authentically you. Don’t come on Reels acting like you are Kylie Jenner if your brand is actually like Apple. BE YOU! Just be the creative side of you
  2. Take people through a journey like a 3 part journey. For example: 3 Tips for Selling online and then create 3 separate reels and at the end, sell your sales course.
  3. Use the disappearing text feature to showcase the benefits of purchasing your product or service and at the end showcase a link or a blinking arrow gif directing them to visit the link in your bio.
Bonus: Talk in your video. Don’t just use music to make your videos fun, but actually talk in your videos. People want to buy from YOU!!!! If you’re needing help on making actual reels come enroll in our brand new mini course Reels For Beginners. It’s just $20.

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