How to use a trending audio

Using trending audios on TikTok are super popular, but if you’re brand new to TikTok, you’re probably confused. 

In this article, I’m gonna share with you a very simple tutorial on how to use a TikTok trending audio so that you can use a trend on TikTok today. 

So first you wanna find a video that has audio that you wanna use. 

Okay, so there’s always trending audio on TikTok, and you can use it if you want to. 

Well, the way to find that audio is just down at the bottom where you see the little circle.

All you’re gonna do is to click on that audio down the bottom. And then the audio will appear like this. And then you can hit play on it to listen to the audio again. 

And so if you wanna use a certain sound, all you need to do is click where it says, use this sound below. 

Now, if you’re gonna use a certain sound, it’s gonna be really important for you to rehearse what is actually happening in the sound.

If you’re going to mouth what she says, and you have to rehearse it and make sure that your sound is on point. 

Unless you wanna do what the guy did in the sample video I used, which is where he was just looking around, listening to the person saying it. 

And so when you use a sound, the audio will be up on your screen, which is why you see the scrolling bar.

So now you can record a video with an audio behind it. 

That is it. 

That’s how you use trending audio on the TikTok platform. 

And so if you wanna use that, then go ahead. You can scroll and find different videos on the TikTok platform that are working very well, and then you can use those specific audios.

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