How To Use Hashtags On Tiktok

The first thing you have to understand is that hashtags on TikTok are very different from the way hashtags work on IG. People don’t really search for hashtags on TikTok; creators use hashtags to reach certain types of people, based on their age, lifestyle, and interests. Now, I as a business consultant want to build an audience that wants to work with me – to buy my courses, to listen to my teaching, and to book consulting calls with me. I know that women who are ages 30 to 65 are my target audience, so I use hashtags like #over30 and #momsoftiktok. Anyone who has used those hashtags, or engaged with videos with those hashtags, will see my content and I will see their content! In the same way, if I wanted to reach men, I need to use hashtags for them, like #dad, #singledad, or #menoftiktok. If you want to learn more about how to TikTok hashtags to target your audience, enroll in my course at To watch this training on my YouTube Channel Click Here

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