How to Use TikTok Stories

Recently launched TikTok Stories are changing everything about the TikTok platform, and as a business owner, you have to capitalize on the feature. TikTok stories are similar to Instagram stories. They disappear from your profile after 24 hours and are about 15 secs or less. However, TikTok stories differ from IG stories in how they appear and how you can create one. 

In this post, we will explore how you can use TikTok stories for your Business 

How to make a TikTok story

Making a TikTok story is easy. First, go on your page, and spot the little circle around your profile picture with the little plus sign. You can just click on it and start recording.

You can also click the regular ‘create’ button at the bottom to create a story. 

The beauty of a TikTok story is that you can edit it the same way you would a TikTok feed video, but of course, this video will expire in 24 hours.  

Some of the latest updates on TikTok allow stories to show on the ForYouPage. So even users that don’t follow you will be able to see your stories, unlike on Instagram. So the same way a TikTok video goes on the For You Page, your story can also end up on the same feed, which is amazing!  

Tiktok recently rolled out a feature that allows you to see your story on your posts feed on your profile. This means, when someone goes to your account, they will see your pinned videos and your stories right after. This is huge because it could lead to many views on your stories and posts, which could result in follows and clicks. 

How to use TikTok stories to your advantage

As a business, we’re all very busy, but we must create social media content every other day for consistent brand visibility. Many of us have been creating content on TikTok and then re-purposing it to reels and stories on different platforms. 

However, if you are going to use TikTok stories, I recommend you create the story and edit it but don’t post it yet. Instead, screen record your TikTok video. You can do this by going into the video in the upper right-hand corner, clicking on it, and then hitting the little bracket in the upper right-hand corner as well. 

Once you finish recording the whole video the way you want it, stop the recording, and bring the video back to story form. Now you can post it as a story but without the watermark. If it performs well after 24hrs, you can now repurpose the video for the TikTok feed, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts and any other platform. 

This is a great strategy to use when you are testing new content. It gives you room to know what performs and what doesn’t in just 24 hours instead of waiting 3 or 5 days like you do with normal TikTok videos. Now, this doesn’t mean every video that doesn’t have a million views is not performing. This strategy just gives you insight into what hooks, sounds or caption works best. It helps you understand what you should be doing more of and what you should leave out based on your results.  If you do not have TikTok stories yet, make sure you go to your app store and update it. 

So, that’s all I have about TikTok stories. If you just started using this feature, I’m curious to know your experience and how you are using it to grow your business on TikTok. I’m always thrilled hearing successful TikTok stories. 

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