#202 How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Do you feel overwhelmed with what feels like a million tasks on your to-do list? Are you wishing you could hand off half of your workload to someone else who’s qualified but don’t know where to start? Well, hiring a virtual assistant for your brand or business just might be exactly what you’re needing. Virtual assistants can be an incredibly valuable asset because they can help you increase your productivity, decrease burnout, and allow you to focus your attention on the action items that will bring in more revenue in the long term. If you’re really serious about building a strategy for success for your business then you should definitely consider hiring a virtual assistant if you have the means to do so. 

In this episode, Keenya shares her experience with navigating how to find a virtual assistant, creating an onboarding experience, and some of the lessons and mistakes she made along the way for you to consider when hiring an assistant. Whether you’ve recently started a business or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode.  

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