I Almost Had A Break Down

Last week I shared with you how going through an unexpected divorce propelled me into my destiny… but lemme keep it ever more real…


See while I was going through the divorce I STILL had to work.

When I left my car didn’t have heat, I barely had enough money to live off of, I was earning $22,500 a year so I HAD to work. There was no plan B, because B would have been packing up and moving back home to Kentucky, living on the floor.

I had to keep going, getting a better job, car and a place to live.

I went through the divorce, got a high paying job, new car and more, but I really needed TIME for ME!

I was in counseling, church and crying on a regular basis but I needed time….. I didn’t know it though. It wasn’t until I moved to Houston, Texas and my boss said something crazy to me, that I realized, someone was about to get all of my rage and it was looking like my boss. LOL

Instead of giving him a piece of my mind, I sent a really nice email, arrived to work before anyone and left my things at his desk. I was about to break, but instead I took a break.

But here’s the thing…

The ONLY reason I was able to take an almost 6 MONTH break, was because while working my full time six figure job, I built two businesses on the side.

I was earning six figures in my MLM and about $50,000 a year in another business.

One of the main reasons so many of us jump into entrepreneurship is for TIME and FINANCIAL freedom. It was at that moment that I realized, I had worked so hard for so long and when I needed time MOST, it was available to me.

Im sharing this personal story with you, because I am 100% sure you are reading this email wanting something different. You may or may not be on the brink of a breakdown, but I know you need more time and you need more money. Im here to tell you, you can have everything you want, BUT you must create a place to go so that you can have it.

In Define It Declare It Brand It, I strategically walk you through the exact same journey I have walked over the last 16 years, and help you BUILD the business you DESIRE, so that you can HAVE the life that you WANT vs the life that you are currently living.

I know that you may have been a part of different programs before that may or may not have worked for you…. but never judge your future off your past… I guarantee one thing, YOU are different and the way you navigate this course will be different and, THIS COURSE IS DIFFERENT.

I’ve spent the last 18 months doing research inside of my private community serving and observing the struggles of entrepreneurs just like you and this entire course was built based what I KNOW you need vs what I think.

But I wanna hear from you…. whats keeping you from enrolling… I wanna know. Respond to this email

P.S. You may have skipped to the end of this email and said, ma’am where’s the link… here it is lol CLICK HERE

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