Increase your TikTok engagement – 5 simple ways to get more engagement

Increase your TikTok engagement


Increasing TikTok engagement is the best way for every female course creator to expand their reach and get more sales, especially with the ever-increasing content consumption on TikTok. 


For business owners, TikTok is the six-figure-making platform where you can make a lot of money by increasing your engagement. 


Nothing discourages zeal like not having people hit the like button, comment, or share your videos, let alone purchase your courses. 

I have been there, and I know how frustrating it is. But my story changed when I got intentional with some hacks and tips I will be sharing with you shortly. 


Five simple hacks I used to get more engagement on Tiktok


1. Post Regularly

This has got to be the first thing any content creator will tell anyone intentional about brand building. Regular posting of your brand or business offerings showcases you as an authority in your niche.


You should be posting at least one or two times daily on your TikTok account if you want to see real results on your profile. What does this do for your engagement? It makes people stick a while and interact with you. 


I post multiple times each day, but if you are just starting, it can be hard to do this. So, start with posting once daily. The key is to show up every day and give the people what they want. 


2. Interact with your audience. 

I can’t overstress how important replying to comments and reactions on your post or videos is. Since we are looking for engagement, we must keep our part of the deal by engaging with our audience. 


This not only tells them there is an actual human behind the brand, they feel appreciated, and trust is built, which is vital if you are looking to make sales on your courses. You can interact with your audience by responding to comments with new videos or in the comment section, going live often, and having a more intimate conversation with them.


More so, your responses to audience comments increase the number of engagement and draw the algorithm in your favor. So, it is a win-win strategy to never sleep on. 


3. Make use of Q&A. 

TikTok is a hub of features, and they keep updating and adding more features to enhance the user experience on the platform. 

One of the features I use often is the Q&A, which is a fantastic feature that course creators can take advantage of. 

What I do is, after a TikTok video post, I will create a Questions series and have audiences file in their questions either about the recent video or post. 

Afterward, I can make another video answering all their questions or respond to individual questions in multiple videos. Either way, I have engaged with my audience and had them respond, which is another win for me. 


4.Know your audience

Having good knowledge of your audience will help you interact with and engage them successfully. For example, if you sell courses on a particular subject, your ideal audience would be people who need that knowledge, people trying to get into the industry, and even your competitors. 


When I learned who my audiences are, their demographics, and other indices, I revamped my content with relevant information and started creating content that appeals to my audience. This increased my traffic and brought more relevant engagement to my page. Traffic is important, as this is how you make real money from TikTok, and you can get more monetizing tips on this bundle.


Also, with this knowledge, I was able to do deeper research on TikTok to see what top creators in my niche were posting.  What did I do with this information? I recreated similar videos because they resonated with my audience. I mentioned earlier that consistency in promoting your brand is essential to stand out from the clutter. To garner engagement, you must consistently create content that your audience love. 


5. Catch in on the duet and collage offerings. 

The fun part of TikTok is adding incredible features that enhance the user experience. Some of my favorite ones are the ‘Duet snd stitch’ features, which allow me to trim and add a part of someone else video onto mine as I did here. With these features, you can add and redesign someone else’s video to suit your content.


Having more creators in your video makes a duet chain and draws in more engagement to your content. The longer the duet chain, the more engagement you will have, especially when you use a trending sound. 

In addition, commenting on other content creators’ posts increases visibility and draws your target audience to your brand. 


Increasing your TikTok engagement requires deliberate steps in consistently promoting your brand and self, as I endeavor to do. As a female course creator, you can take advantage of my Freebie, which contains all the hacks I used to gain over 480k TikTok followers in 2 years!