How To Be An Industry Leader On TikTok

Becoming an industry leader on Tiktok will benefit your business in many ways; as a matter of fact, your marketing growth starts there. As a business owner, knowing what your competitors are yet to learn and delivering tons of valuable and workable information is a step to becoming an authority in your niche and building brand loyalty. 

Undoubtedly, TikTok has become one of the most used social media platforms in America, and more businesses are pitching a tent for their businesses here. With this development, you must position yourself as an industry leader so your audience can troop to your page for valuable content.

So, since you are geared toward becoming an industry leader on TikTok, let’s explore what I’ve discovered and implemented to achieve this in my niche.

Tips on becoming an industry leader on Tiktok

1. Identify your business goals. 

Streamlining your business goals is the first step to success in every marketing game. So, what are your plans for industry leadership on TikTok?

  • Be precise about the goals: For example, I want to be specific with reaching as many business owners as possible and giving them workable tips to grow on TikTok.
  • Analyze and measure the results: To ensure your goals are converting, you can get a TikTok business account that allows you to measure your analytics. You can see how many people visited and engaged with your content and their overall behavior. 
  • How relevant are these goals? If your set goals are irrelevant to your business and niche, they won’t convert. So, the plans must be relatable and attainable to your business.
  • Post consistently. If you want to be seen as an industry leader in your niche, you have to post consistently and on time. You can schedule posts in advance to make this easier.


2. Get immersed in TikTok

Don’t stay on the sidelines; dive into TikTok and see what other marketers are doing and what is working. I would spend hours watching video after video to see different types of content in my niche and also note the audience’s interaction. How can you find them? Search this page or type in your niche on the Tiktok search bar, and they will pop up. Every social media platform is a class for learning many things. I have had other coaches or entrepreneurs leave free tips in the comment section of my posts. This is great information that I don’t ignore, and I use them to enrich my content and stay on top of the game in the industry. 

3. Decide your style

How do you plan to put out the content on TikTok? Will you go live often, dropping stories and videos every other day? Start with knowing what your competitors are doing and try to put a unique spin on your strategy. This will single you out of the crowd and help your audiences recognize you more as an authority. 

4. Be active on Tiktok

I cannot stress this part enough because an industry leader on TikTok must be very active on the platform. How does this happen? When you consistently show up on Tiktok. With your video scheduler, you can make videos and post them at the right time. TikTok has many amazing features that make creating and sharing content easy. However, how active you are will determine whether or not your audiences view you as an authority figure. 

5. Host live videos and webinars. 

Interacting with your audience is one of the ways of gaining their trust and helping yourself become an authority in your niche. So, go live regularly and answer questions from your audience. This will increase their trust and loyalty to your business and position you as an industry leader. 

6. Optimize your profile. 

Remember to highlight your expertise in your bio and include a link to other offerings you have. Your profile will be among the myriad of profiles after a search, so it’s important that your audience have clear information on what you have to offer. 

Finally, as an industry leader, weekly or bi-weekly newsletters or emails about an upcoming feature will benefit your followers. Plus, it will continually project you as an authority in your niche. So, be generous with lead magnets; they will help you grow. 

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