Season 3 EP: 41 – Intentional Behavior Pt 1

What if you held the secret to transforming your life through intentional behavior? That’s exactly what we’re discussing in today’s episode. 
My dear friends who has successfully implemented daily reminders for her vitamins and medication, we explore the idea of setting intentional cues to form and stick to new habits. 
Taking this a step further, we discuss how this concept can be applied to various aspects of our lives, including our work roles and personal relationships, and how defining our idea of success can guide our decisions.

Now, imagine bringing this same level of intentionality to your lifestyle choices. I share my personal journey of making deliberate choices in my diet and social interactions, driven by the desire to lead a healthier life and find a partner. 
Hear how the advice from my friend has led me to make small yet significant changes, and learn how you can also harness the power of intentional behavior. We promise an enlightening conversation that touches on eliminating unnecessary tasks, focusing on the present, and maximizing the potential in our lives through the power of intentionality. 
So, join us as we navigate the transformative power of intentional behavior.

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