Season 3 EP: 42 – Intentional Behavior Pt 2

Ever felt that your relationships could use a little intentionality? 

That’s the question we tackle head-on in this week’s episode of “You, Me and Jesus.”
 Pulling from personal experiences we deep dive into the transformative power of therapy, following my journey from post-marital breakdown to intentional growth. We promise, this discussion isn’t your regular therapy talk!

The conversation gets even more intimate as we address the challenging, yet essential task of requesting and giving honest feedback. It’s about embracing vulnerability and fostering stronger bonds. We share practical ways you can show up intentionally for people in your life, whether it’s through uplifting messages, celebrating their achievements, or simply being there when they need you most. 

To round off this poignant episode, we highlight our responsibility in fostering a nurturing environment, not just in our relationships but also in community building. 
We touch on the significance of open communication, our role in creating safe spaces for growth, and the power of common activities like praying and Bible studies. And before we sign off, we remind you of the significance of your podcast reviews in directing others to these enriching conversations. 
So, tune in, reflect, and let’s grow together in intentionality.

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