Let’s Have A Money Conversation

So it’s Monday {{ subscriber.first_name }}, and if you are anything like me, there have been some highs and some lows today, but we are rocking and rolling into this new week!!

I’ve been asking myself what are some of the ways I can better serve you, but also what do I think you are in need of. The answer I came up with was ​How to Generate More Revenue In your Business. ​Am I close?

I have a meeting with myself on a regular basis about my business goals, as well as my personal ones, and periodically those conversation will touch on revenue generating opportunities​. Every call I have had with clients over the last 90 days has been around money, so I decided to have a little chat with you today.

First let me help your mind and heart, ITS OK TO TALK ABOUT MONEY! Talking about money, creating ways to make money and having goals around money IS NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!! So please, don’t delete this email because you think I’m money hungry. I’m actually the opposite. I am always looking for ways to give to charitable organizations and help those in need, but typically the type of help people are in need of requires MONEY!

Ok… let’s move on.. just wanted to  help your hearts first.

1. If you are going to earn more money, you have to find out what your audience desires from you that they are not currently receiving. (Shameless plug coming in 3, 2, 1,) You all know that I just announced my new book Before You Quit Your Job and the #2 reason why I decided to finally write and publish it, is because for YEARS my audience has been asking me HOW to do it, but I lacked the faith and courage to actually write the book. #1 was God… I literally got harassed by him on a regular basis until I started to write the book.

What you’ve offered in the past is GREAT and if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it, but if you are like most of us, there are people connected to us that have already purchased that thing and once they do, they won’t purchase it again. So you need to offer something else. Does that make sense?

2. ​The way to find out what your audience wants is to ASK THEM! ​So I often I hear my clients sharing how they don’t think its a good thing to ask on social media what people want from you, or on email, but you have to get passed that. You can’t be worried about what people will potentially think, when the truth is YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY THINK!! There is no way you are going to know what your audience is in need of without ASKING THEM. 


​3. ​Take a look at your competitors! ​I guarantee you are going to see where they are offering some type of product or service that you aren’t offering but could be! I guarantee it. It doesn’t mean you are copying per se, just create it in your own way. 

Now Popeyes Copied Chick-Fil-A to the T (pickles, buns & packaging), but guess what? THEY ARE BANKING!!!!!!

Do you see what I am saying here???


If you need help, respond to this email and lets set up a time to chat… I’m offering everything at 50% off this month and all of September since its our 3 Year Anniversary. 

P.S. Be sure to jump on the waiting list for my new book Before You Quit Your Job