Let’s Not Talk About The Election

Although today is the final day for voting, I didn’t want to send you a message about that because we are all inundated with everyones thoughts and opinions right now.

I did however want to chat with you about what we’ve got coming up next week.

You guys have been asking me for a few years now to teach all of my secrets on Personal Branding and next week Thursday our course will open its doors. I want to prepare you because I know that some of you are super scared of building a personal brand or have other not so positive thoughts about YOU building one so today I wanted to personally send you a message inviting you to listen to todays podcast episode.

The Fear of Personal Branding.

This is VERY personal to me because I had A LOT of fear around this especially after coming off of a messy divorce and trying to protect my ex by not telling the world he was cheating on me.

Listen in… I think it’s going to help you.

Let me know what you think after you listen.