#146 How TikTok Helped Jenny Jaucian Grow Her Digital Course In The Pandemic

If you’ve ever wondered just how much of an impact Keenya’s advice and expertise can have, episode 146 is for you. You’ll hear from health coach and fitness trainer Jenny Jaucian as she talks about how Keenya’s TikTok advice made the difference between joblessness and incredible internet success. Literally.


After losing her job in the middle of a global pandemic, Jenny took Keenya’s advice to harness the power of TikTok in order to reach a larger audience and maybe even find new ways to support herself financially.


It didn’t take long for her to explode onto the scene of the fitness industry and grow a loyal following, which allowed her to build a 6-figure online business in just a year!


In this episode, you’ll gain insight into: 

  • The advice from Keenya that helped Jenny kick start her TikTok journey
  • Keenya’s perspective on the power of TikTok
  • The importance of a plan and strategy
  • Keenya’s tips on leveraging lucrative social media platforms to support yourself and succeed online


Listening to this episode will leave you feeling optimistic about the opportunities that await you online, especially on TikTok, and maybe even motivate you to take the next step in your social media journey. 

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