Make $100,000 on TikTok

Here’s how we made over a hundred thousand dollars on TikTok!

So first you wanna get very clear on what it is you want to offer on TikTok. 

Now, last year we made over $199,000 from Stripe by selling our products and services, and so here is what we did. 

So first I got clear on what the products and services we offer. 

Mostly it is our digital courses, and then some of it is one-on-one consulting. Then we got extremely clear on who we wanted to offer our services to. 

The next thing we did was we went ahead and started creating content, serving our particular audience because we wanted to attract certain people to us so that they would buy from us. 

And so we focus on female coaches and course creators, and we teach and serve them on our account. 

Then we provided them with a couple things. 

There is a link in my bio, and so when you click on that link, it’s gonna give you two options. One to grab a free or to purchase our course. 

And so some people go ahead and grab the free training, then we serve them and all the things. 

And then once they are served with the free training, then we make the offer to our course. 

Now the second part is that we already have the course there available because some people want to go ahead and purchase the course.

And so you wanna make sure that you’re clear on what it is that you’re gonna do. 

As it pertains to how we make all the different sales, one of the things that we know about business and about people is that some people are ready to buy from you right now.  

But most people are not ready to buy just like that, especially if a product is a $100, $200, $300, or $500. 

They actually wanna go through a process with you. 

We understand that and so we create free trainings, free guides and all that through navigating business and navigating TikTok.  

So that when someone opts in to my email list, they’re able to get something that will serve them, get something that will give them a quick win and then when we’ll make the offer they are more likely to purchase.

So for example, we have what’s called our 10 TikTok templates, and it is a guide that gives them 10 videos that I have recorded that are posted on my page. 

We give them links to those videos, and then we also give them tutorials on how to use those videos for their business. 

And so that is free, and it’s a guide for them.

Now, most people, when they first come to TikTok, they have no idea how to create videos or how to use trends for their business. 

And so we give them that with that particular guide, and that’s gonna serve them, give them that quick win, and start to build some trust and some credibility. 

Now, oftentimes what happens from there is that some people say, “well, what else do you have?”

And then that’s when they’re going through this process that we have created through automation. Which then offers them either access to our Create on TikTok course or Monetize the Tok Course.  

Or it may invite them into our 3-Day TikTok for Business Challenge. 

And so once they go through the free thing that they got and they get the win, then we make an offer through automation on email.

And most people, once they’ve gotten that win and they wanna work with us even more. 

They make the purchase of that particular product. And now they have gone through the funnel in that regard. 

From there, we continue to serve them on the inside of the course, and then when they finish with the course, we determine what they need next.

Sometimes people wanna work with me one-on-one, and other times they wanna just keep focusing on what’s in the course. 

Now the second part of the funnel is that people say, “I am just ready to buy.” 

They come in contact with me because of a video they see on TikTok and they click the link on my bio and they are just ready to buy.

And so they make a purchase. Oftentimes, people will join our 3 Day TikTok for Business Challenge, and then from there they wanna enroll in my mastermind which is called Monetize the Tok, which is a big detailed business course that comes with group coaching with me and all the things, and then they end up purchasing that product.

But some people say, I actually wanna work with you one-on-one. 

And so then as they’re going through the funnel, they’re able to then purchase a one-on-one call once they’ve finished that first course or once they’ve gone through our 3 Day TikTok for Business Challenge. 

And so that is kind of what happens on a regular basis.

Now the last thing which I was not likely to include in that $199,000 is we also work with brands. 

And so on my account on TikTok, I create content on a regular basis that is kind of family friendly. 

Meaning that when a brand would wanna work with me, we won’t have to worry about me cursing or doing anything crazy.

And so brands reach out to us, just like TikTok. They reach out to us and say, “Hey, we want you to create some videos for us and we’ll pay you x amount of dollars” 

Personally, I have worked with TikTok, I think four or five times directly with them creating content for business owners. 

And so they reach out and then I create videos and then they pay us for that.

And so we’ve made close to $70,000 from TikTok.  The actual company, through creating videos for them. 

And this is kind of an amazing process to get that type of money working with TikTok. 

And so the reason why that happens is because we’re creating content and we’re intentional about it.

And so those are two ways that you can make money on the TikTok platform. 

My encouragement to you is to be very intentional. 

What are your intentions?  I mean you wanna make a hundred thousand dollars, but how do you wanna make a hundred thousand dollars? 

If it’s through brand deals, then you gotta be very intentional and strategic with your content. 

Connect with some influencer marketing agencies. There’s hundreds of them out there. 

Or maybe even get yourself an agent. But you could also pitch brands if you wanna work with brands. 

And then the second way is to actually have products and services, whether that is your own merch or you’ve got courses, or you’ve got physical products, or you’ve got consulting. 

Whatever it is you wanna offer, you just wanna get clear on what that journey is.

It could be one or two, or it could be them both. 

But get clear on that and then start creating content so that way you can get your desired result, which is making a hundred thousand dollars.

So if you want to make a hundred thousand dollars on TikTok, I encourage you to join my 3 Day TikTok for Business Challenge. 

And I’m gonna be teaching you how to create content on TikTok, and then how to make money, make sales, and also how to work with brands.

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