Making Money in Your Sleep With Reels

Ever heard the term “I could that in my sleep”? Well when it comes to making money on Instagram’s Reels, you can! In today’s post and in my new course, Reels for Beginners, I’m here to teach you exactly how to do it.    You may be thinking, “Keenya, is it even possible to make money in your sleep?”. Well not with that attitude you can’t! I like to think of Reels as another form of advertising. Most business owners are used to advertising their products directly on their Instagram feed, but it’s time to think outside the box.    As of August 2020, Instagram started rolling out the Reels feature to select users. If the update has yet to come to your Instagram, be patient! But for the rest of you with access to Reels, it’s important to take advantage of it now while it is not yet saturated with creators. I personally have invested in a tripod, some lights, and a backdrop for when I film. But even with just your phone, you can showcase your products in a whole new way!    Rather than using the old-school method of individually replying to your followers on each post, I suggest creating a few Reels videos that highlight the features of your products and answer the most frequently asked questions about them. This way, should you receive a new potential customer, they can simply find the video themselves, or you can tag them in it without typing out the full answer!   These are just a few of my best-kept secrets for how to generate revenue on Reels. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s serious about utilizing Reels as a business tool, then I have just the course for you. For a limited time only, I’m offering a deal for Reels for Beginners, so don’t miss out!

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