Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

One of my passionate topics I tend to discuss on a regular basis is some of the mistakes that I see new entrepreneurs make. Going full time into entrepreneurship is such an attractive and popular topic on social media these days. Having your days back to do what you desire to do, making all of the money you desire to make has unfortunately shared a not so truth story about entrepreneurship.

I wrote my book Before You Quit Your Job in an effort to truly help individuals that desire to some day go into entrepreneurship with what they really should expect in many aspects of it all.

Today, I just want to chat with you about the reprogramming that is needed.

I did a livestream video recently sharing about how from the moment we are born, our parents, teachers, television and those around us are always talking or asking the question What do you want to be when you grow up? I think that is a great questions to ask someone, however, typically the response or desire response is not I want to be an entrepreneur or business owner. Im not saying its never the response, but 9 times out of 10 its probably going to be a specific job in a particular field.

So from that moment on we begin to go to school to learn many things, but specifically to get hired on a particular job. While there is nothing wrong with having a job, the challenge is that you spend 20 years learning and growing to become this thing at this particular job and suddenly one day you decide I want to start a business. WELP – you are now 20 YEARS behind!

Don’t get me wrong you can catch up REALLY fast, but you have to unlearn everything you’ve learned the last 20 years and learn what is an entrepreneur, how do they think, what their habits and daily disciplines, as well as, all the things that go along with starting and fully operating a business.

I see so many people failing at business and one of the core reasons is because they spent their entire lives learning how to have a job and not how to start and run a business.

So what am I saying to you?

I am NOT saying, don’t start your business, but I am saying that you need to go on a journey to learn what it takes to truly be a successful entrepreneur. Stop thinking you are going to learn what you learned in 20 years in school, in 6 months with someones course or a one hour call. Intentionally set up a plan for yourself and take your time along this road. Its not an easy one, especially knowing that you are sorta starting back over in elementary as a grown up.

Its ok and give yourself permission to not do it at anyone else’s pace but your own.

I also want to say to you that I wrote my book to help you and can help offer you additional tools you need on this journey.

You can grab the book at www.beforeyouquityourjobbook.com.