My Honest Thoughts on Reels

  For all my loyal readers out there, you probably have seen article after article on the topic of Instagram’s Reels. But surprisingly, many of you have been interested in hearing my opinion about it all. In today’s post and in my new course, Reels for Beginners, we’ll be getting into the details about my honest thoughts on Reels.    1. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! As of late, there has been some controversy surrounding Reels, mainly because its similarity to TikTok. But I have to say, this was a smart move on Instagram’s behalf. Given all of the uncertainty about whether TikTok will be shut down or not, someone eventually would have seen a need for another platform like that. And Instagram clearly thought, “Why not us?” 2. Cash Cow Make no mistake, Reels is not just a way for teens to be posting silly dances on the internet. Of course, I love a good dancing challenge as the next person. But as a business owner, I instantly recognized the potential that Reels held. And and if you’re an entrepreneur like me, make sure to check out my other posts on how to maximize Reels for your business!   3. Your time to shine Because Reels is relatively new, at least in the U.S., its market for creators is not yet oversaturated. Take advantage of this by posting consistently and establishing a solid following. Doing so now rather than later will allow you to avoid competing with more creators within the same niche as you. If the TikTok ban does go into effect, you’ll be glad you set up shop before a wave of influencers migrates from TikTok to Instagram!   To be honest, I could go on and on about how I feel about Reels! If you’re interested in hearing more and learning how to use Reels as a marketing tool, I’ve got just the thing for you. For a limited time only, I’m offering a specially-designed Reels for Beginners course, so reserve a spot before it’s too late!

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