My Secret Weapon For Success

As I sit here with a basket full of laundry, kitchen smelling like red velvet cake because for some reason I baked a cake, and my table filled with pain medicine because one of my teeth jumped out of my mouth and kicked me in my face…. I thought about you. LOL

Like no – I’m serious that is exactly what is happening right at this moment.

I asked myself what are you in need of today? How can I help you not only get through this day today, but have a successful month and rest of the year in your business and it hit me.

Tell them your main secret for success.

So here it goes….


Let me explain!

When I decided to quit my job and launch my Branding and Consulting business, I knew I was facing an uphill climb. I knew that the people online had no idea who I was, what I knew and what I was capable of. I knew that it wasn’t my job to PROVE it to them by saying I’m awesome, I decided that I was going to teach my heart out day after day until they decided that I was awesome.

Although I needed to earn a certain amount of money each month to pay my bills, I knew that no one was going to buy from me until something in them felt safe, secure and totally convinced that I could take them and their businesses to where they desired to go.

So what did I do?

I showed up EVERY SINGLE DAY for 365 DAYS!

That’s right! I went live every single day for a year TEACHING!

I Wrote emails that hundreds of people never opened, I taught for an hour a day even when NO ONE was watching me live and I pitched my services each week and month even when people not only said no, but were trying to convince me that I was not worth what I was trying to charge.

(Let’s be clear…. some of those people as I read their emails I could hear that old song Girl Fight by Brook Valentine. LOL I’m just being honest.. but no I never fought anyone!!)

But no matter what I just kept choosing to do what I knew was the correct system and process for my business. I’ll never forget gaining a major client and when I asked her why she chose me over everyone else, she said “Keenya, you just kept showing up.”

I knew everything wasn’t perfect in your life or business, but you were determined to continue showing up and each time you did, not only did I learn a lot from you, but I kept saying to myself if she is doing all of this every single day there’s no way I can’t trust her with my business.

Some of you guys are faces hard financial battles in your life or in your business and the truth is you’re too tired to show up. I GET IT!!!!

My marriage fell apart suddenly but I still had a major hair show with HUNDREDS of people, I had to show up!!!!

But here’s one of the biggest things about showing up…

YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SYSTEM FOR SHOWING UP! It’s not enough just writing the blog, doing a live video or simply posting on social media, your activity must be strategic!!

THAT is what I want to help you with today.

I had to post pone the 90 Days to 10K webinar but we are officially kicking off on Tuesday, June 11th at 5pm pst and I want YOU to be there!

This webinar is not just how to earn $10,000 in 90 days, but its giving you:

– Business Clarity

– Brand Clarity

– A strategic funnel for your business

– Pricing structure

– Launching your pitch to your audience

In 2 FULL hours for just $47 with time for a Q & A! I will be taking you step by step through all the things you need to not only continue showing up, but delivering, pitching and actually earning the sell!!

BUT!!!! Some of you all are like Keenya, I am passed that, what else you got?

Well…. I’ve got a small mastermind kicking off again on June 24th, but its EXTREMELY small as I only work with 5 people, so reply to this email for this details. That mastermind goes for 4 months!!!!!! Reply to this for the details…

So that’s it…. I wanted to encourage you to show up, but also encourage you to invest in yourself so that you can show up with a proven strategy for your business success. Its just $47 for the webinar.. REGISTER HERE